FREE Debt Tracker Printable Just for You!

This debt tracker printable is not only fun to color in, but it's a beautiful visual reminder of what you want to achieve with all your hard financial work. These free debt payoff chart printable PDFs include visual graphs for:

Debt Repayment | Emergency Fund Savings Goal | Vacation Fund Savings Tracker

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How to Use the Free Printable Tracker

These free printables come in a PDF format for easy printing. Just print out the pages need for your personal use and get started tracking your debt payoff progress!

There are two tried and true methods to tackle your debt payments:

The Snowball Method

Dave Ramsey's debt snowball method starts with focusing on the smallest debt first. Any extra money you have, you throw at the smallest debt. While you aren't as likely to save much money on interest this way, tackling the smallest debt first is a great way to get motivated and stay motivated! Once the smallest debt is paid off, then focus on the next smallest.

The Debt avalanche Method

This method works if motivation isn't your problem, but high interest payments are. You'll order your debts by interest rates, and focus on paying off the highest interest rate first. You'll save more in interest this way, but it can help to save money in the long run. The extra cost of interest can be a killer, so knocking it out first can be really helpful.

Why I Created This Free Debt Payment Tracker

Whether you're new to setting financial goals, or you've been around the debt cycle before, you know how difficult it can be to stay on the path. I like to say that I'm like a bird or a small toddler - I see something shiny and get easily distracted.  Add a husband into the mix with a different mindset, and it's no wonder we were all over the place financially!

By having this free printable debt payoff tracker posted in a central location in our house, it was a daily reminder of what we were working towards as well as the best way to stay focused with our personal finances. This made all the hard choices (like working extra hours, making more than the minimum monthly payment, and choosing not to eat out) easier when I was reminded of why we were working so hard. Seeing the progress on our debt tracker printable and having a daily reminder kept us really focused on paying more than the minimum payment.

Whether you choose to pair these debt repayment graphs with a debt tracker app or spreadsheet, these printable templates help the entire family stay focused on trying to reach your financial goals. Paying off debt feels great - whether it's student loans, a car loan, credit card debt, or your mortgage - nothing feels as good as having that anxiety and stress off your plate.

We have been able to not only pay off several debts but keep items like credit cards paid off because these reminders are there every day, helping to make the hard choices more manageable. Since we've begun using this debt tracker printable to map our journey, we've paid off over $27,000!

These fun and imaginative debt tracker coloring pages are my take on a debt thermometer. They'll help keep you on track with your debt repayment and savings goals while lookin' pretty. Stylish and functional - just like us, right? Just download the free printable debt tracker, print them out, and put them up in a spot where you'll see them every day, like your kitchen. You'll be hitting your financial goals with these free charts in no time!

I hope these debt payoff trackers are a fun way to bring a little bit of levity to a sometimes tough journey.



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