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    While there are millions of ways to earn extra money, not all of them make for such an exciting and interesting dinner conversation as selling feet pictures.

    If you’ve made your way here, the chances are high that you’re looking to learn how to sell feet pics – or at least are considering doing so. 

    With minimal start-up costs and no need to invest in education, learning how to successfully sell feet pics is a breeze. In this article, I’ll talk about why and how to sell feet pictures and do it safely and successfully. Last, I’ll talk about the best platforms to sell your feet pictures for the most money. Ready? Let’s get started!

    Why Sell Feet Pics?

    Feet walking on beach with text that reads How to Sell Feet Pics onlineThere are many reasons to sell feet pictures, but let’s face it – it’s primarily for money. The great thing is, there are a lot of additional benefits to doing so:

    • It’s easy to make a lot of money – if you do it right. You don’t have to do anything weird or uncomfortable or take photos you couldn’t show your grandma. 
    • You can work from home. Due to the coronavirus, many people have lost jobs or need to make extra income. Selling feet photos online is perfect because you can work from home, alone, and make money online.
    • You can do it as a side gig. There’s no set hours to selling your feet pics, so you can work on it as much or as little as you like. If you find out you don’t like it, you haven’t invested much time or expense into it, so the loss is less than a traditional business.
    • There is little to no cost to get started. The start-up cost of selling foot photos is minimal. You only need a decent camera, good lighting, and some freshly manicured feet. 
    • It’s a great passive income source. Selling your feet pictures can also be a semi-passive income. For example, once you set your accounts up and get your photos taken, all that’s left is marketing. It’s up to you how much or little marketing you want to do. However, the more you do, the more of a following you create and the more money you’ll make.
    • Since these images are digital, they can be created once and sold multiple times. Feet pics are a product that is created once and sold infinite times. It’s easier to recoup your time and effort when you can sell your product over and over again. 
    • There are a lot of platforms to sell fee pictures on. Most popular social media platforms offer ways to find potential clients and find interested buyers. You then can figure out which platform is the best way for you to make as much money as possible. (I’ll cover the platform options later in the article!)
    • You don’t have to be a professional photographer. Thanks to filters and editing on our phones, tablets and laptops, you don’t have to be a pro to take beautiful feet pics. You just have to experiment and figure out what angles and images are the best selling to make the most money.

    Who Buys Feet Pictures? Is there a Market for them?

    I’m sure you’re wondering, why do people buy feet pictures, anyway? There are a lot of great reasons, some of which I bet will surprise you.

    • Stock photo websites. Everything from spa products to ankle jewelry needs stock photos for their advertising. Many designers and marketers use stock photo sites to find pictures that fit the products they’re selling. By selling on stock photo sites, your images will reach a wider audience, and are much more likely to be used in advertising.
    • Modeling agencies. Believe it or not, there are many a modeling agency that are just for hands, legs, feet and other body parts! A foot model can appear in ads for everything from selling shoes to artist renderings. Your photos can be used to sell products, by artists, and more. With this avenue, you usually sign on with an agency, and they represent you. They’ll find you gigs where you’ll work with a photographer to create the images needed for ad campaigns and more.
    • Foot fetish enthusiasts. 10% of the world’s population are fans of foot fetishes. If that’s your jam, have at it – no judgment here! There’s are plenty of sites that you can sell your foot pictures on that sell these types of photos with a monthly subscription, and that might be your best bet to break into selling foot pics and making good money. Foot fetishists will pay good money to download copies of your feet pictures. If they like what they see, there’s a chance they’ll become a repeat customer, and can even request custom photos based on their personal likes. These custom photos can pay a lot, since they’re personalized to a specific person’s tastes.

    If you’re toying with the idea of selling feet pictures, there are plenty of questions you might have. I know that when I first stumbled onto this subject, I had a lot of questions about how it worked, how feet models were paid, and if they could make enough to live off of. I’ve researched to find the answers to all your questions and tell you the best places to sell your pictures. So let’s hop on the good foot, shall we, and get to the good stuff!

    Is Selling Pictures of Feet Illegal?

    In a word, no, it is not illegal to sell pictures of feet. Many of the subscription and eCommerce sites require that you’re at least 18 years old and that no one under 18 years old is in your photos. Also, as long as you pay the taxes on your earnings, there is nothing illegal about selling your photos. The important thing is that you treat it like a business, and hand the finances separately. If you mix your business earnings with your personal finances, it can be frustrating at tax time to try and untangle the two. Start off by keeping all expenses and earnings in a separate bank account and you’ll be fine.

    How Much Should I Charge for Feet Pictures?

    How much can you make selling feet pictures depends upon a lot of different variables. These include:

    • The platform you’re selling on
    • The customer you’re selling to
    • The purpose of the photo (stock photo vs. personal use)
    • The quality of photos
    • If it’s a custom request

    As a general rule of thumb, you can charge anywhere from $5 to $100+ per picture. This is considered passive income, since you do the work once, and then can sell the image multiple times. At $5, or $100 a picture, this can add up quickly. From there, you can charge even more for special requests or custom orders. The sky’s the limit on earning when you can repeatedly sell a digital item like a photo!

    The platform you sell your feet photographs on can often dictate how much you can earn, as you’ll learn below. Another critical factor that can play into pricing is if the images are for stock use or custom requests. It’s up to you to decide how much your time and work is worth. Just remember not to sell you, or your work, short. Let’s walk through the ins and outs of foot pictures to help you better develop an idea of how much to charge.

    How to Sell Feet Pics Safely

    The most important item to consider when selling your feet pictures is safety. If you’re selling your photos to a stock photography website or a modeling agency, chances are you won’t have many (or any) safety issues. However, if you’re selling directly to consumers, it’s important to air on the side of caution. The biggest issue is potentially getting looped into a scam. With the internet, you just never know who you’re talking to, so just be aware of the amount of information you make public. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that you’re not opening yourself up to scams or unwanted attention from customers.

    Always use business accounts instead of a personal account. Remaining anonymous with a business email address is key to keeping yourself safe. This rule applies to both social media and bank accounts so that you’re minimizing the amount of personal information you’re putting out onto the internet.

    If your business grows enough, consider creating a small business to work under. Consult your lawyer or CPA to talk about the pros and cons of converting your work to an LLC or other business option to best protect yourself and your assets. (I am in no way an attorney or CPA, so please consult them to review your specific situation and provide feedback!)

    Marketing and branding involve a certain amount of interacting with your customer base. At the same time, only DM with customers about questions or possible requests. Don’t become friendly or open about personal details, which can open you up for scams and catfishing.

    Take the time to think about what you’re comfortable with and set boundaries. Any requests you receive are just requests – you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel awkward, upset, or goes against your beliefs. While it’s great to earn money, it’s no good if you feel miserable for going against a core belief in order to score some cash. You’ll feel better about your business and yourself if you figure out what’s acceptable for yourself.

    Always, always get paid before you send your pictures! Once you’ve sent them, there’s no retrieving them, and you have to kiss that cash buh-bye. Anyone who tries to sweet-talk free samples or don’t want to pay through a legitimate payment processor isn’t worth your time. Value yourself and your services. You put in the time and effort to create this art, so you deserve to be paid accordingly. If a client doesn’t like it, they can pack it in their hat and walk away. There’ll always be more clients and future opportunities.

    Do your research and make sure the company you are selling through is reputable. Some great ideas to get a feel for the company are to do a background check through the Better Business Bureau, google user reviews, and review their social media accounts. Learn more about the good and bad about how they do business before signing on to anything. Most importantly, take any reviews with a grain of salt. Does this sound like a disgruntled ex-employee? Or is this a legitmate concern? The key is to really think about what’s being said and determine if it makes sense. Also, if you can find references or contacts of people who have worked for that company directly, ask if you can talk to them about their experience firsthand.

    While some sites want you to show your face, and some don’t, it’s ultimately up to you. Whether you do or not, make sure your backgrounds don’t have any identifying information. Some examples include a hoodie with your college logo or signs of where you live. While it’s fun to do artistic, themed photos, make sure they are not setting you up for scams. It’s shocking how easy it is for people to scour your photos for personal information that you normally wouldn’t think twice about.

    Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it’s critical to make sure that you do not post any pictures if you’re under 18 or have anyone under 18 in the background. That’s a quick way to get banned on many sites since it’s illegal and can lead to many legal complications that you don’t need. Plus, it’s just weird and will distract from the main subject of the photos or video.

    How to Sell Feet Pictures Successfully

    Now that we’ve covered how to safely sell feet pics let’s talk about what steps you can take to make your business successful. These are great guidelines to follow to help build your business and ensure it’s success. By using these tips, you’ll end up on the right path to making decent money from your photos:

    1. Learn how to market. Like with any business, it’s essential to work on marketing and building a customer base. No matter what platform you decide to sell on, it’s vital to connect with your customers and know how to market them. Please do your research, make sure that you understand who your audience is, and catch their interest.

    Even if you chose not to sell your photos on a particular social media platform, you can still market there and push your customers to another platform. For example, you can promote your pictures on Instagram, in Facebook groups, and even on TikTok but sell your photos on Creating more streams to pull in customers always means more sales. Also, making sure you’re marketing on the right platforms is key to drawing in customers. For example, we can be pretty sure you’re not going to find many (if any) customers on LinkedIn. Think about your customers and focus your efforts on the platforms you’re most likely to find them.

    1. Create and use separate business accounts. Only do your transactions through the business accounts that you set up. It’s easier to keep track of your income and expenses when paying taxes on your earnings. A great place to set up an account is CIT Bank, where you can have multiple checking and savings accounts with 9x the national average APY!
    2. Save money for taxes. You’ll also need to make sure to set aside about 30% of your earnings into a separate account for taxes. While you’re not officially a small business (yet), you are an independent contractor. For your first year as a contractor or freelancer, you’ll pay what you owe at tax time. Based on your earnings that year, you’ll need to pay quarterly after that for the following years. A good accountant or tax program can help you figure out what your payments should be.
    3. Make your images pop. Make sure that your pictures are of high quality. Grainy, poorly light photos are just not going to sell as well as bright, crisp, and well composed photos will. A good camera or higher-end phone is just as vital for taking great images as your lighting is. A great light like this one is cheap and works amazingly.

    While there is a customer for every foot, foot care is still vital to selling photos. Make sure to give yourself (or get) pedicures regularly. Your feet are the feature you’re selling, so you want them to look their best with fresh polish and soft skin. Take good care of your feet since they’re they’re the main attraction in your photos, and what people are paying to see.

    Research which poses show your feet in a great light. Study ads, brands, models, and even other photo sellers to see which poses they use and which catch your eye. Do some practice photo sessions to try different poses and see what works best. Enlist the help of a friend if you need another set of eyes to provide constructive feedback.

    1. Have fun with themes. Get creative with cute themes, socks, jewelry, nail polish, high heels, and more. By creating fun and memorable photos, buyers are likely to remember your work and become repeat customers. This is where you can take a cue from fellow influencers and learn how to create a brand. Figure out a signature look or feel that you want to convey, and go with it! By building a brand, you can earn extra cash as your products become more and more recognizable.
    2. Learn some art basics. Grab a book or watch some videos on composition. Trying different angles in a photo can take it from blah to fabulous! Books like Picture This: How Pictures Work can help you learn about composition, color, and other design elements to help take your photos to the next level. 
    3. Branch into video. Once you’ve mastered photos, why not try video? While pictures are good, video can be a way to kick your product up a notch. While not everyone is comfortable seeing themselves on video, test it out, and see if it’s something you can work into your offerings on any online platform.
    4. Brand your photos. Last but not least, learn how to add watermarks or blur your photos. Again, this can help buyers recognize your content easier and dissuade others from stealing your content. If you choose to blur them, don’t obscure them so much that you can’t figure out the image. If you’re not sure how to watermark your photos, check out free programs like Canva to help you edit your photos and prep them for sale.

    Where to Sell Feet Pics

    Now that we have all the basics of selling feet pics covered, let’s get into the best places to make money selling feet pictures online. Luckily, there are many places to post and sell your images, and it’s just a matter of figuring out what works best for your particular customer base and situation. Ready? Let’s go!

    Subscription / ECommerce Sites

    These secure sites provide you with a subscription service platform or eCommerce solution so that you can sell your photos. You’ll still have to do your marketing on other social media platforms, but this solves the problem of setting up an eCommerce platform. They’ll handle the transactions and even memberships for you, you just have to drive the traffic to the site.


    Instafeet is a private social media platform where your images are only accessible to yourself and your subscribers. You’ll use other platforms for marketing and push your users to Instafeet’s subscription services. Images go for $5 to $100 each, and Instafeet takes a 10% fee. Users can make up to $500 a day depending upon how much they charge and how many photos they post on a daily basis.


    Feetify has two levels of membership – free and premium. Premium models get 100% of their earnings, and better access to more buyers, unlimited uploads, and they’ll still pay you even if no one downloads your photos. Premium membership is lifelong and a one-time fee of $49, which seems like it’s worth it if it gets you more access to all of the perks.

    If you’re tech-savvy and enjoy being hands-on with your content management, is the way to go. Subscriptions are $29 to $99 a year for an individualized eCommerce platform that you can control. If you don’t have the time to mess with the platform set up or troubleshooting, skip this one.

    This site’s not for the faint of heart. Images seem to border on nudes in 80% of the samples, so proceed at your own risk! I can’t find any actual info on if they take a cut or not because I noped outta there super quick! 😉 

    Premium Snapchat Account

    A premium Snapchat account provides you an easy way to gain subscribers. Users can follow you for $5 – $50 a month. You’ll need to start with a public Snapchat account so that you can push users from your public to private account. Otherwise, no one will ever find you!

    Instagram Business Account

    If you create an Instagram account make sure it’s a business one so that you’ll be allowed to sell photos through Instagram shopping. Selling on Instagram shopping will cost anywhere from $0 – $99 a month, depending upon which features you need to promote your business. Check out more details on selling on Instagram here.

    Stock Photography Sites

    There are many stock photography sites that you can submit your photos to sell. While there are dozens of sites, the best out there are:

    • Shutterstock
    • Adobe Stock
    • Almay
    • iStock / Getty Images
    • Dreamstime
    • Creative Market

    The payouts vary significantly between them, so research your options before deciding which ones you want to try.

    Foap App

    Foap is an app where you can sell photos. Every photo on the platform is a flat fee of $10. You and Foap split the earnings, so you each get $5 when a photo sells. They also payout via Paypal, and you can learn more about Foap here.


    Etsy has a decent amount of foot photos for sale, so it’s not uncommon to sell your images here. Getting started on Etsy is straightforward. Create a store and a listing for each posting. Etsy charges 20 cents for each listing, and then when the image sells, a 5% transaction fee. Etsy provides your store with an URL, so it’s easy to point your potential customers to the right place. 

    Learn more about how to set up a shop and the best things to sell on Etsy here.


    We all know that Craigslist is an online classified ad site, so it’s a bit different than all of the other platforms. You’ll have to find other ways to accept payment, such as Paypal or Venmo. Each of your listings will need a watermarked image and where they can inquire about making a purchase. With Craigslist, there’s a lot more back and forth with buyers to make a sale. Also, they provide forums where you can post in discussions to drum up more business. Overall, this option doesn’t seem like the easiest way to earn money selling pictures.


    OnlyFans is a subscription site that’s recently become popular with many celebrities. Users pay to follow influencers and see their photos and videos. The minimum amount influencers can charge is $5 a month, and OnlyFans charges 20% as their fee. You can learn more about the OnlyFans service here.


    eBay is usually a great place to sell items, but I wouldn’t recommend it for these purposes. When I searched for feet pictures, only six listings showed up. Plus, each had shipping costs associated with them, so I’m assuming they’re sending physical photographs. It’s possible to sell your images via eBay, but it is more complicated due to printing and shipping them.

    FeetFinder is another easy to use platform. All users’ IDs are verified to help weed out scammers, making it that much more trustworthy. You can sell your stock photos as well as allow buyers to request custom images. With FeetFinder, you’ll get 80% of all sales. Payouts occur weekly and happen whenever you hit a total of $30.


    Patreon is a crowdfunding subscription app that allows your customers to pay and support your work. While it’s more geared towards artists and creative types, it can easily lend itself to feet enthusiasts. Patreon charges 5% to 12% of your monthly earnings, depending upon which service level you have. They also charge a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents if the transaction is over $3. To learn more about Patreon’s pricing, click here.

    Build Your Own Site

    If you’re tech savvy or willing to pay someone to build your own website, it can be an excellent place to sell your feet pics. This is a good idea if you’re worried about your earnings being eaten into by the above platforms. However, you might have to charge a lower price, and you’ll see the best results if you can build a following through other social media sites. Plus, you can add your own affiliate links to help boost your earnings a little bit.

    Selling Your Feet Pics Online with Social Media

    All of the sites we’ve talked about so far are subscription or eCommerce sites, but you’ll still need to use social media platforms to promote your images. Use the following platforms to help create traffic to your subscription site. The more followers that you can drum up, the more you’ll be able to sell.

    • Snapchat. With a public account, you can post free foot photos and videos and then drive them to purchase elsewhere.
    • Facebook has a couple of different options:
    • Facebook Groups. Find groups where you can post your images for free, but make sure to strictly follow their rules so that you don’t get booted. Interacting with Facebook Groups is an easy way to network online and find new buyers.
    • Facebook Marketplace. Selling foot pictures on Facebook’s online marketplace seems to be a bit of a grey area, but I’ve personally seen them available. But, they had it listed as “one sock for sale,” so it was a thinly veiled attempt at skirting the rules. You’ll have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze on this one, and clearly, a porch pick up won’t work for this one!
    • Create your own Facebook page. I wouldn’t suggest starting a group because you’ll have to moderate posts and comments, which can be very tedious and a ton of work. By creating a page, only you can post, and you’ll have less work to do.
    • Tiktok. With TikTok, you can build a following and accept donations, similar to Twitch. TikTok is a great platforms to do short videos where you can easily build a following, and have them go viral.
    • Instagram. Content creators sell everything under the sun on Instagram to make easy money. Build a following with photos of your feet and research hashtags to find more potential buyers. There are tons of great ones out there currently:
    • #feetlovers (2M posts)
    • #feetfetishworld (1.6M posts)
    • #feetstagram (1.1M posts)
    • #feetlove (1M posts)

    To sum it all up, here’s a quick synopsis of all of the platforms in an easy-to-read comparison chart:

    PlatformSet Up CostsFeesPayout
    Instafeet$010% of sales2x a month
    Feetify$0$97 a yearPaypal$29 – $99None?
    Premium SnapChat Account$0$10 – $30 per monthPaypal
    Instagram Business Account$0$0 – $99 
    Stock Photography Sites$0VariesVaries
    Foap$050% ($5)Paypal
    OnlyFansFree20%Bank Account
    eBay$0It’s complicatedPaypal$020%Occurs at $30
    Patreon$05 – 12% + transaction feesBank Account
    Etsy$020 cents to list + 5% feeBank Account
    Social Media$0$0N/A

    It’s easy to sell pictures of your feet, but you have to work on building a following. Similar to an Instagram influencer or YouTuber, you’ll want to pump your follower numbers as much as possible. Once you do, there’s a great chance companies and platforms will reach out to you to do sponsorships, paid ads, or more. By building your following, you’ll not only be more likely to get noticed by buyers, but by businesses as well.

    Now that you know how and where to sell your feet pics don’t forget to report back and let me know how it goes! If you’re still not sure this is your thing, check out these other ways to earn money:

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