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    Cash App offers fun and unique card designs for its users, which they can design themselves in as little as five minutes. Creating Cash App card designs is easy and allows you to express your personality every time you use your card for purchases.

    What do the Cash App cards look like?

    The Cash App card comes in plastic or metal and looks similar to your average debit card. Below is an example of the basic dark cash app card, with no design added. You’ll see it has an RDIF chip in it as well:

    What colors do Cash App cards come in?

    The plastic Cash App card colors are black, white, and glow in the dark. The black and white versions are the free cash card’ option. However, the glow-in-the-dark version will cost you $5. 

    Note: The glow in the dark option only glows when it’s been exposed to light. Since it spends most of its time in your wallet or purse, it’ll need “charged” to glow.

    White Cash App Card

    White Cash App Card

    Black Cash App Card

    Black Cash App card

    Glow in the Dark Cash App Card

    Glow in the dark Cash App card

    Cash App now offers two metal card options – Chameleon Metal and Black Metal. Each costs $50 and is customizable as well.

    Chameleon Metal Cash App Card

    Chameleon Metal Cash App Card
    This has my trial design on it, using some of the emojis available

    Black Metal Cash App Card

    Cash App Black metal card

    There was previously a cash app x hba card available, but it no longer looks to be available at the time of this writing.

    How do I customize my Cash App card?

    The next step of customizing your Cash App card designs is easy. On the Cash App home screen, select the small card icon at the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll see the card benefits and a green button that says “Get Free Cash Card.” Click it to see your cash card options and create your custom design.

    Next, you’ll select your card color. You’ll see black, white, glow in the dark, Chameleon metal, and black metal. Click on the color you’d like to use.

    Once your card color is selected, you’ll click “Personalize Card.” Here’s where the fun begins with the new Cash App card designs. The best part is that you have three options to personalize the card to your style.

    1. Show your $Cashtag. Choose to show or hide your $Cashtag on the card in the upper right corner. You can’t move it to a different location, but it is up and out of the way of your main design area.
    2. Emojis. There are about 60 emojis to choose from and some letters and symbols. You can scale them up or down, rotate them to fit the card, and add as many as you like.
    3. Freehand drawing. The last option is to create your own custom drawing. I consider myself artistic (but no freelance artist), and this was not too difficult. To get the cleanest, most controlled lines, you’ll want to use a stylus. However, if you are ok with the design not being super smooth, a finger works fine. The drawings contrast nicely again a white card or a dark card, and the drawing color changes based on the card colors.

    Can I put a picture on my Cash App card?

    No, you cannot upload any photos or images to your Cash App card designs. The available options are provided by Cash App and include the letter, emojis, and freehand drawing.

    Cash App Card Design Ideas

    Not sure what to put on your Cash App debit card? Some cool cash app card designs include:

    • Funny sayings
    • Cute emoji combinations to tell a story
    • Anime characters
    • Logos or symbols of your favorite brands or bands
    • Cartoon characters
    • Movie quotes
    • Inspiring money quotes
    • A favorite meme (redrawn freestyle)
    • A favorite joke you share with friends
    • Drawing of a favorite pet or animal
    • Your nickname or initials
    • A repeating pattern of dots, lines, squiggles, or a combination
    • Drawing from your kids
    • Flowers or plants
    • Hearts, stars, music notes
    • Cars or planes
    • Outdoor scenes
    • A combination of any of the above!

    The simpler you can keep your drawing, the better it will come out. You can also check out Twitter for design ideas as well.

    My Card is Customized, Now What?

    Once your card is designed exactly how you want it, click Done. You’ll then order your card by entering your mailing address, confirming your first and last name, and reading the terms and conditions. Once you accept the details, you’ll receive your new Cash App card in 5 to 7 business days.

    You don’t have to wait for the card to start making purchases. You’ll have your card number immediately available in the app to make online purchases with your full cash app balance. 

    What Happens if I Want a New Cash App Card Design?

    You can order a new black or white plastic card for $5 with a different design. To do so, just:

    • Open Cash App account
    • Tap on the Cash Card tab
    • Click on the Cash Card
    • Select Design New Card

    Create your new design, verify your information, and place the order. 

    Why get a Cash App Debit Card?

    Cash App is a mobile application that allows users to make mobile payments and deposits with a Cash App bank account. While an old-school plastic debit card isn’t required to use Cash App, having one can be very handy when making everyday purchases. However, the Cash App card works wherever VISA is accepted (no fees!) and allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs ($2 fee). 

    Another huge selling point to getting your Cash App debit card is that it has perks called Boosts. Boosts give you instant savings on your purchase. Select your boost in the app, make a purchase, and get instant savings. 

    You can only select one boost at a time, but the options are immensely varied. Some available boosts include Chewy, Walmart, any coffee shop, USPS, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, DoorDash, Xbox, Whole Foods Market, Twitch, Taco Bell, and many more brand name stores! Discounts vary from a flat amount off (like $1) to a percentage off (like 15% of your total purchase). Discounts are available at many retailers, from the grocery store to coffee shops.

    The debit card is available to anyone 13 and older, but minors will need a parent or guardian to sign off before ordering one. 

    Now that you know the best Cash App card designs find out if you can deposit a paper check on Cash App. Or, learn more about the Greenlight Debit Card for kids or learn more about when to teach financial literacy to your kids.

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