February 2018 Financial Report

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Man alive, was January super long or what? We did a great job of sticking on budget though, so that felt pretty wonderful.

The downside is that I found out I need about $1,000 worth of dental work done. Ouch. I’m hoping we can spread it out so that we can cash flow the work instead of having to pay in a lump sum.

If you haven’t read my review of the Trim app, you should! We ended up saving $240 in just 5 minutes worth of work. They were able to save $20 on our monthly internet bill. When I got the bill yesterday, it was actually more like $23! I can’t wait to see what they can do with our phone bills from StraightTalk.

Total paid off: $16,369.13
Amount net worth has raised since December 2016: $48,784

DebtOriginal AmountCurrent AmountPercentage RateAmount Paid Last MonthPercentage Paid
Credit Card$5,500.00$0!!9.75%0100%
Car Loan #1$14,093.00$0!!1.99%0100%
Car Loan #2$10,000.00$2690.541.99%$1353.2173.1%
Student Loans$23,000+$7559.331.75%$120.2367.13%

we paid off $7,482 of debt in 7 months with this budget workbook

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