December 2017 Finance Report

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November was a crazy month. As much as I tried to plan for seasonal and additional expenses, we still ended up very “off” on the budget. I took a trip to NYC with two of my friends, and I tried to budget the cost across two months. I think the fatal flaw to my plan is having too many bank accounts to work across. That being said, one of the financial adjustments I want to make for the new year is to stream bill paying as much as possible.

Both November and December will have very little going to debt repayment due to the holidays. We also have to spring for new tires for my husband’s car. This should have been part of a sinking fund, but I’ve been pushing off building one until we get our debt paid off. Clearly this isn’t the best approach, and we’ll be adjusting to start saving sinking funds ASAP!

Our primarily goal for this upcoming month is to really focus and stay on budget, even with the holidays. We’ll be doing a year end review (much like a business), and setting new goals. Thinking about some financial New Year’s resolutions? Check out why I say to skip them and what to do instead!

Total paid off: $14,091
Amount net worth has raised since December 2016: $42,076.30

DebtOriginal AmountCurrent AmountPercentage RateAmount Paid Last MonthPercentage Paid
Credit Card$5,500.00$0!!9.75%0100%
Car Loan #1$14,093.00$0!!1.99%0100%
Car Loan #2$10,000.00$4797.131.99%$20852.03%
Student Loans$23,000+$7804.651.75%$134.5366.07%

we paid off $7,482 of debt in 7 months with this budget workbook

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