Is Ibotta Legit? My Review + $10 Welcome Bonus (2022)

Woman's hand on shopping cart with text

When I mention Ibotta to my friends, most ask – is Ibotta legit? I get it – there’s nothing worse then trying a new cashback app only to find out you have to bend over backward while juggling plates and singing the Star Spangled Banner to make about…4 cents. Yeah, no thanks. You could go…

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Poshmark vs Thredup: Which is Better? (2022)

clothes hangin on hangers with text reading Poshmark vs Thredup

Do you have clothes that are too nice to donate but aren’t sure what to do with them? Poshmark and ThredUp are two of the best online thrift stores for buying and selling used clothing. They’re both great options, but it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve…

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How Much to Tip for A Massage

woman's face being massaged

Self-care is essential for finding ways to recharge in today’s busy world. When budgeting for self-care items, like pedicures, facials, and massage therapy, it’s necessary to make sure we’re leaving enough room for a tip. Let’s talk about how much to tip for massage and the best ways to do so. Should You Tip for a Massage?…

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How to Stop Saying ‘I’m Broke!’ and Actually Fix It

person with jean pocket flipped out, hand open

Besides being a popular song, ‘I’m broke’ can be a common phrase uttered by folks struggling with finances. If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, or can’t seem to get ahead, let’s talk about why and how to fix it. Why Am I Broke? (And How to Fix It) There are several reasons you might be broke, from…

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Cheap Birthday Ideas for a Fun & Fabulous Party

cupcakes with candles placed on a cakestand

Most of us want to celebrate our birthdays, but we don’t always have much money.  We all know that birthday parties are fun and great for building relationships with friends and family members, but they can also be expensive. With these great tips, you can throw a fantastic party without spending too much money. Your…

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The Best 30 Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

gift on wood table

The Best 30 Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything July 22, 2021/Tana/No Comments This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. I think we all know that it can be hard to find inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything. (Or, a gift at any price point when they already have…

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How to Use Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages

couple looking at budgeting paperwork

How to Use Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages July 19, 2021/Tana/No Comments This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. In This Post Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Chances are, if you’ve heard the term “Better than I deserve!”, then you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey budget percentages. Dave…

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50+ Free & Fun Things to do with Friends at Home

50 Free Things to Do on a No-Spend Weekend

One of the first things that get cut from every budget is expensive activities, right? Out the door goes all the lattes and visits to the movie theater. But finding fun things to do with friends at home turns out to be a lot easier than expected. It’s important to find free things to do…

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Financial Literacy for Kids: Lesson Ideas by Age Group

girl counting money and smiling

Being a parent means having a lot of complicated conversations, from religious beliefs to money and everything in between. Thankfully, there are some excellent resources for financial literacy for kids to help keep things age-appropriate and easy to understand. What is basic financial literacy? Basic financial literacy is the understanding of various economic ideas. The basics of…

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Grocery on a Budget: Easily Cut Your Bill by Half

produce in a reusable bag

We’d been struggling with keeping our grocery on a budget for the past…well, since we started budgeting. So I sat down to make a game plan that I know you can probably use as well. Staying on track with your food budget starts with finding cheaper options and easier ones that you’ll be able to use…

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