How to Chalk Paint a Dresser for a Cheap Makeover

How to update for cheap with chalk paint furniture

Want to spruce up your house while on a tight budget? Buying new furniture and decor might be out of the question, but you can always repurpose what you have to save money. That’s why I love this chalk paint dresser tutorial. It’s taking what we already have – or have gotten cheap – and…

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Mirror Painting Ideas: Easy DIY on a Budget

Chalk paint on sliver mirror frame with texting reading Easy DIY on a Budget: Refresh a Mirror Frame on a Budget

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to update small spaces like a bathroom is with paint. You can paint the walls, sure, but why not paint mirror frames, fixtures, lights, towel holders, wall decor, and even doorknobs? These mirror painting ideas will help you refresh your room without breaking your budget. What’s “in” can…

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The Best Books on Minimalism (in 2022)

pile of women's shoes

It’s a proven fact that the amount of stuff we have in our house can cause more stress and make us miserable. When we have fewer things to pick up and less cleaning to do, we have more time and energy to focus on essential matters, like family. Books on minimalism can teach you how…

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Where To Find Farmhouse Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Farmhouse style bench and pillows

Where To Find Farmhouse Decorating Ideas on a Budget This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information. In This Post Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Many people love a rustic farmhouse vibe for my own home, but don’t like spending a ton of money on home updates.…

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