Where To Find Farmhouse Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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    Many people love a rustic farmhouse vibe for my own home, but don't like spending a ton of money on home updates. Luckily, there are lots of great places where you can easily get the best farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget.

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    Today, while you're avoiding work and enjoying cruising the interwebs, let me take you through my favorite ways to find farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget.

    You don't have to live in an old farmhouse to create a beautiful farmhouse feel. These farmhouse decor ideas are a mix of DIY as well as things you can pick up at a discount if you play your cards (or coupons) right.

    Modern Farmhouse Decor on a Budget

    For starters, you've come to the right place. I love some farmhouse decor and if it's cheap? Even better!

    If you want to get a farmhouse look, you'll need to understand the colors, fabrics/textures, and look that make up a modern farmhouse decor.

    Use these rustic farmhouse decorating ideas to start building your new space and creating your farmhouse decor style:

    Buffalo check? Check. 

    Buffalo check is like a beautiful lumberjack version of plaid. Think black and white, black and red, or grey and white. It has the thicker stripes of plaid, without the pesky thinner lines running through. Perfect for all the farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget, like living room throw pillows, curtains, rugs, towels, and tablecloths. Or, your favorite lumberjack!

    © Photo by Little Yellow Nest on Etsy

    Chippy paint and worn spots on wood and furniture.

    Depending upon your tastes, the amount of chipping and wear will vary greatly. Some folks enjoy the wear on their furniture smooth like it's sat in a corner for years near a high traffic area in the house. Others prefer a look that says a piece has been painted often, and the chips expose the layers of paint underneath. The beauty of it is, it's up to you as to how rustic you want the pieces to look. And, they're a great addition to any farmhouse kitchens or living rooms.

    © Photo by Kathy's Garage on Etsy

    Embrace more natural materials, like metal and wood.

    You won't find a lot of plastic or fake looking materials when creating a farmhouse decor oasis. However, farmhouse materials often include chicken wire, galvanized metal (like buckets), a little paint, and faded brown, grey, or white wood pieces. If you can imagine that you'd find something similar on a farm - then you're right!

    © Photo by Weatheredfinishes on Etsy

    Chevron and herringbone patterns are *chef's kiss*.

    Chevron patterns go up and down, like symmetrical mountains, while herringbone stacks rectangles so that they meet at a point. You can easily find these patterns in just about anything you can imagine, including doors, flooring, rugs, wallpaper, tile, decorative pieces, and other beautiful textiles.

    © Photo by LenasWillow on Etsy

    Did I mention shiplap? 

    Joanna Gaines might smack me if I didn't! Shiplap is a type of wood used as a rustic finish on barns or other outdoor buildings. It has almost a tongue and groove type design that allows the planks to be installed horizontally and locked together snuggly. Shiplap is now often used to create accent walls in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and offices.

    © Photo by WallsByMe on Etsy

    Use mason jars, burlap, and greenery to give your look some life.

    Burlap is an excellent way to break up the room's textures and give it some freshness. Greenery is a great way to introduce another color while still keeping the look natural. Boxwood is often used in wreaths and planters to help create contrast again the lighter colors found in farmhouse decor.

    © Photo by RusticChalks on Etsy

    Furniture with painted legs combined with stained tops.

    Often you'll see tables, stools, or even cabinets with two colors. The painted bottom is usually white, while the top or seat is stained. The mash-up of paint and stain helps to bring depth to the piece as well as the room. Plus, it's a potential farmhouse diy decor project, if you want to update your existing coffee table.

    © Photo by CahillsCreative on Etsy

    Create a classic look with subway tile.

    Subway tile has been coming back with a vengeance - and with good reason. This simple, rectangular tile is timeless. It creates a clean look that will go with any decor changes you might make in the future, helping it to stand up to the test of time.

    © Photo by CuttingEdgeStencils on Etsy

    Incorporate barn doors that slide.

    Barn doors use hardware that allows the door to slide back and forth, rather than swing open and shut. While it's a beautiful and fun addition to any room, remember that they cannot touch the wall and create a 100% closed space as a regular door can. Something to think about before pulling down your old door and throwing one up as your bathroom door!

    © Photo by RusticRooDesigns on Etsy

    Have fun with signs.

    There are a ton of funny, cute, and interesting signs that you can buy or create for cheap farmhouse wall decor. These are a couple of examples of my absolute favorites that'll look fabulous on some open shelving:

    © Photo by LittleStoreOfHomeDec on Etsy

    © Photo by WhiteHorseAcre on Etsy

    How do I make my house look more like a farmhouse?

    Now that we've covered the essential looks needed to create your farmhouse oasis, I'm sure you're wondering, where can I find farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget?

    Let's talk about where to find and where to find great farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget.

    Thankfully, the farmhouse trend is pretty popular, so there are many great places to buy cheap farmhouse decor online. If you're short on time, or not feeling creative, these are the best places to grab farmhouse decor for cheap:

    Kirkland's farmhouse decor

    Discounts or coupons: Varies; promotions run often, and you can get 20% off for signing up for their email list
    Shipping: Varies; currently an offer for free shipping on $99+; also offer contactless curbside pickup

    Kirkland's is one of my favorite, favorite places to shop. Even when I purchase something online just to run in and pick up, I can't help but get sucked into browsing all of their gorgeous pieces. Seriously, don't go there if you're in a hurry, you'll never get out in time!

    Kirkland's runs a ton of deals, which is also why it's one of my favorites. You can often find super discounts, and I've even been able to stack them. If you want farmhouse decor for cheap, THIS is the place to start!

    Decor Steals

    Discounts or Coupons: No, every item is already discounted.
    Shipping: $5 flat rate

    I'm a little embarrassed that I only recently found out about Decor Steals. Better late than never, right? This site has cheap farmhouse decor wholesale deals. Every day at 10 AM EST, they offer three new farmhouse products available for 24 hours - or until they sell out. You can sign up for email alerts, and everything in your order ships for a flat $5 (say what?!).

    While they don't offer coupons, everything's discounted anyway, so it's a win-win, right? Click here to check out today's deals.

    Farmhouse Decor Shop

    Discounts or coupons: Special Offers section on the website
    Shipping: Free over $49

    What a fitting name, right? This adorable site offers cheap farmhouse decor wholesale and has anything and everything you could want to create a farmhouse look in any room - including the garden!

    With fun vintage pieces, like wire baskets, picture frames, and dining room decor, this family-owned company located in Texas has the accessories you need to finish off your small space or room.

    Check out the Farmhouse Decor Shop now!

    Hobby Lobby Farmhouse Decor

    Discounts or coupons: Sales on various sections of the store run weekly up to 50% off; 40% coupon for full-priced item always available on the website. Just show it on your phone for the discount!
    Shipping: Free shipping on $50 or more

    Hobby Lobby is my go-to for farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget. I love the selection, as well as the pricing! They have beautiful pieces that are good quality and can withhold the beatings my children unleash upon them.

    This store has a great variety of styles, but farmhouse decor is an absolute cornerstone of the types available. Sales run so often that if something's not on sale the week you want it, just wait, and it'll cycle back around within a month!


    Discounts or coupons: Varies by the shop
    Shipping: Varies by the shop

    If you're looking for unique farmhouse decor, or even made-to-order, Etsy is the place to go. Think of it as a gathering place for every artist, woodworker, artisan, designer, or crafter to share their work.

    I've found beautiful and fun Christmas gifts, rustic home decor, and more here. For several of my orders, I was able to contact the shop owner, ask questions, and discuss the piece's personalization. It's like having a personal artisan at your fingertips! Check out my farmhouse picks on Etsy

    © Photo by TheSassyDesigns on Etsy

    © Photo by BrokenArrowOriginals on Etsy

    © Photo by Design59Furniture on Etsy

    Cost Plus World Market

    Discounts or coupons: Sign up for the free membership to get access to tons of discounts; 15% off for new members; currently running an additional 10% off for curbside pickup
    Shipping: Free shipping on $49+

    If you don't have a Cost Plus World Market near you, you're missing out. (Or, you just need to shop there online.) This store has stunning multicultural pieces sourced from over 50 countries. The furniture is comfortable, durable, and beautiful.

    We currently have a tv console, desk, chairs, and couch from here, and they do not disappoint! Sales happen often, and members get great discounts, so you can often time your purchase with a deal or coupon to maximize savings.


    Discounts or coupons: Varies, depending upon the seller
    Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime

    I know, who thinks of Amazon when discussing farmhouse decor? I do! Amazon is a one-stop-shop when it comes to finding competitive pricing as well as variety.

    I have a gift guide for Fixer Upper fans that showcases my favorite farmhouse decor Amazon carries that's also perfect for those on a tight budget. You can see my favorites here!

    © Photo by Amazon

    © Photo by Amazon

    © Photo by Amazon

    Home Depot

    Discounts or coupons: Special offers, clearance items, and closeouts vary on the site and in-store
    Shipping: Free with $45+ purchase

    While most people wouldn't think of Home Depot for home decor, think again. They have everything - from dinnerware to pepper shakers to furniture and everything in between. You're not likely to find these items in-store, but there is a robust selection of farmhouse and home decor on the Home Depot website.

    Home Depot also offers farmhouse fixtures and all of the supplies you need if you decide to take the DIY approach.

    © Photo by HomeDepot.com

    © Photo by HomeDepot.com

    © Photo by HomeDepot.com

    Big Lots

    Discounts or coupons: Sales, clearance items, and closeouts vary on the site and in-store; receive 15% off for signing up for a BIG Rewards loyalty card
    Shipping: Free with $59+ purchase

    Again, I would not have thought of Big Lots farmhouse decor central, yet, they have a super cute selection! Just by browsing their site I see they have some really cute home decor, including the Broyhill brand. Orders can be in-stock pickup, same-day delivery (starting at a $10 fee), and standard/priority/expedited delivery.

    Don't Forget to Stack Your Discounts!

    When you've found that piece that you can't live without, don't forget to get the best deals by doing the following:

    • Buy it when it's on sale (I know, it's hard to wait!)
    • Scour Google for discount codes or coupons.
    • Use cashback apps like:
    • Sign up for the store's free rewards programs to snag extra discounts
    • Try the cart abandonment method (put the item in your cart, get to the point where you enter your email address, and leave the site; stores will often email you or spam you with ads on social media containing a discount code)

    Or, Try Your Own DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, you create some diy farmhouse projects! The best part of a farmhouse or country look is that you can often use old items you already have and repurpose. Talk about an easy way to score a modern farmhouse look for cheap!

    One of my favorite things to do is refurbish items with chalk paint. Chalk paint can give you the smooth or chippy look of farmhouse furniture, depending upon how you use it.

    Chalk paint also covers just about anything - and without having to sand or prime first! Less work to create something crafty and beautiful? I'll take it!

    I've used chalk paint on frames, dressers, bookcases, signs, and more. It's easy to layer colors and waxes, so the possibilities are endless. For some specific ideas on how to use chalk paint, check out these posts:

    Other great ways to create great farmhouse home decor cheap:

    • Reupholster and strip/stain old furniture
    • Reuse pallet wood to make something unique
    • Sew pillows, rugs or accent pieces with some buffalo check or burlap fabric
    • Use your Cricut or design software to create fun signs
    • Repurpose mason jars into vases, lights, spice jars - the ideas are limitless!
    • Create crafty accent pieces with fake boxwood wreaths and ribbon
    • Paint cabinets white to update your kitchen or bathroom
    • Create an accent wall with shiplap, wallpaper, or subway tile
    • Use scrap wood pieces to create a wall hanging with a chevron or herringbone pattern
    • Use old window frames with wreaths to create a new statement piece
    • Scour thrift stores for old crockery, baskets, and decor
    • Repurpose items from other areas of the house
    • Make your lights with just about anything - glass, old cans, baskets, etc. There are tons of great tutorials on Pinterest showing how easy it is!
    • Repurpose barrels, buckets, or cans into planters for live houseplants
    • Try refreshing furniture with rub-on transfers to create a whole new look!
    • A great place to check out is your local flea markets or yard sales to see if you can find any antique farmhouse pieces.

    Now that you have some farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget, let me know what deals you snag or what you end up DIYing to make your living space farmhouse fantastic. I love, love, love to see deals and everyone's craftmanship! Happy hunting!

    What trend is replacing farmhouse?

    While the Cottagecore style is beginning to trend, don't worry. Not only is it very similar to modern farmhouse design, but both decor trends have a classic, neutral look that's much less likely to look dated. Farmhouse decor will be "in" for a long time to come, so don't worry about it looking dated in six months.

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