The Top 100+ Woodworking Projects to Sell to Make Extra Money

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Figuring out which woodworking projects to sell can be a bit tricky, but with this article, you'll be able to determine which make the most sense for you. You can do many things to ensure that your projects will sell well and be worth the time and effort you put into them.

Also, if you're looking for some general tips or trends on what sells well in today's market, we have you covered! We'll not only talk about which woodworking projects to sell, but where to sell them to make the most profit.

Which woodworking project is most profitable?

Before we get into specifics, let's talk about the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Which project is most profitable is going to vary from worker to worker. There are many factors to consider, including how long they take to create each project, the cost of materials in your area, and what the buyer's market is like.

Generally, the most profitable woodworking projects will be ones that you can turn out quickly without a ton of overhead and that you can charge a reasonable price. Some examples include planter stands, squirrel feed picnic tables, and shelves (depending upon the style).

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    The Top Selling Woodworking Items

    Luckily, there are tons of unique woodworking projects out there to fit any skill set, toolset, and price point, so you're guaranteed to be able to make some extra money with this side hustle.

    I've divided the top-selling wood items into main categories, so it was easier to see what types of profitable projects. Here are the best woodworking projects to sell, organized by category:

    Home Decor

    The top-selling woodworking projects to sell are in the home decor category. It's a broad category, but that just means there are a ton of options for any price range. Whether you want to create intricate and time-intensive pieces or you want quick and easy sales, you'll find all types of home decor projects here.

    wooden lantern

    Image from CrestedPerch on Etsy

    Wooden Lanterns

    Thanks to the modern farmhouse craze, wooden lanterns are a hot commodity. Popular color choices include neutrals such as soft grays and whitewashes to match any decor.


    The digital age has made the vintage look of a clock more popular than ever. Woodworkers can sell personalized clocks with engravings or etchings to give your project additional pop and a unique spin.

    wooden mountain art

    Image by DustySquareDesigns on Etsy

    Wall Signs, Wood Arrows, and Mountain Wall Art

    We've all seen the super cute wall signs at craft shows with punny sayings like "What the Fork" or "Gnome Sweet Gnome" (I may or may not have several of these...). Wooden wall decor is a huge seller and can be a great creative and fun project as well.

    Another favorite is the rustic mountain wall art made with various stained and painted strips of wood.

    Table lamps

    If you have a lathe and enjoy turning wood, creating unique and original table lamps can be a great new product to sell. Add the lamp kit, let the customer provide their shades, and you're all set!

    wooden blanket ladder

    Image by CrftythngsStore on Etsy

    Blanket ladders

    Another popular trend is the blanket ladder. Make these in various sizes, colors, and styles - just about any type is popular right now. You can even create them with hooks on end to hang on the back of a door for extra storage options!

    Picture frames

    Picture frames are a massive moneymaking project. Woodworkers can create any frame style imaginable - from an extra-large 4-foot by 6-foot frame to a standard 5x7 size. The most popular sizes are 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10.

    wooden message board

    Image by KnotKnotOutfitters on Etsy

    Message board

    The most popular message boards are cork-backed boards with dry erase markers, chalkboard paint on reclaimed wood, or your traditional whitewashed frame with cork board inside for push pins. Perfect for parents who need to keep track of the zillion things their kids have going on!

    Table Legs & Table Bases

    If you enjoy woodturning, creating table legs and buns can be a great income source. Woodworkers can do anything from simple square-style leg sets to curvy mid-century modern legs to rustic tree trunk table bases with carved knobs for storing flatware or napkins.

    wood slice with cake

    Image from RusticWoodSlices on Etsy

    Decorative Wood Slices

    Woodworkers can carve their designs into these slices to create a unique decor item. Wood slices are used in wood-burning projects as well, so if you have basic carving skills, this is something that will continue to sell well for years to come.

    wooden American flag

    Image from Schmedicwoodworking on Etsy

    American flags

    These sell like crazy in my woodworking facebook group - beautiful flags carved from wood. Whether you make them flat or add the waves of the flag, buyers love the look and style. They take longer to create, but you can charge more because they are more time-consuming.

    Light sconces

    Create the wood frame, add the light kit, and let the customer supply the shade or decor items. Woodworkers can also use reclaimed wood for these if they have some on hand to save money!


    Simple profitable woodworking projects for the kitchen vary greatly, from wine racks to a wooden cutting board. It's essential to make sure any woodworking projects used for consumption have food-grade oil used to seal them.

    Wine rack

    Wine racks are always a great seller and can easily be customized to fit any size bottle. Woodworkers can also add hooks on the ends to hang coffee mugs or utensils for easy access while cooking.

    cutting board with The Millers inscribed on it

    Image from WeddingGiftBouutique on Etsy

    Cutting Boards

    Not only are cutting boards fit for use in the kitchen, but they can also be used as trivets or wooden coasters. Woodworkers can create these to any shape, size, and style. Wood choices are also a significant factor when it comes to selling cutting boards. Some commonly used woods for these projects include maple, cherry, purpleheart, walnut, and rosewood.

    Coffee Mug Trees

    Coffee mug trees are a huge hit with most woodworkers - they allow for easy storage and display of multiple mugs. Woodworkers can create these in various styles, from tree trunks to modern cubes, to anything in between.

    wooden hand carved utensils

    Image from HandmadeBranded on Etsy

    Kitchen Utensils & Holders

    Create specialized spoon racks, spatula hangers, or any other good idea that comes to mind. Wood choices for this project are the same as cutting boards - maple, cherry, purpleheart, walnut, and rosewood.

    Wooden utensil holders and organizers can also be a quick and easy sale, depending upon the design, and sold in a set with the utensils.

    Napkin Holders

    Napkin holders are a great seller and can have various styles depending on the woodworker's preference. Woodworkers can choose from simple slabs with routed grooves to clean lines or more abstract designs, including animals, initials, or any carving they desire.

    Wood Trivets and Coasters

    Wood trivets and coasters can be produced in any shape, size, or type of wood, though some of the most beautiful have an epoxy accent or wood inset added to them. Coasters usually sell in a set of 4 - 8, and trivets can be sold individually or in pairs.

    Knife Block Sets

    Kitchen knife sets are an excellent project for woodworkers looking to sell their wares and can be personalized with initials or names. Woodworkers should use hardwood such as cherry or walnut to create these and then finish them in an appropriate food-grade oil.

    wood serving tray

    Image by TaylorSigns on Etsy

    Serving Trays

    Multipurpose serving trays are always popular, especially personalized ones with initials or names. These also make excellent custom wedding gifts to sell as well!

    Vegetable Storage Rack

    Vegetable storage racks can hang various foods in the kitchen, including vegetables, fruits, and even pasta. Woodworkers should use stainless steel or other food-grade materials when creating these for better cleanability.

    noodle board etched with the word farmhouse

    Image by RusticCedarDesigns on Etsy

    Noodle Board / Stove Cover

    Noodle boards with handles (no clue why they're called that!) are a big seller in the woodworking group I'm in. Buyers love when they can customize them with monograms, marriage dates, and family names. They're a quick and easy project that you can make more money on when they're customized with a CNC router or Cricut vinyl cutout.

    Wooden Bowls for Fruit, Salad, and More

    Turned bowls are not only beautiful, but each one is original and adds extra personality to the buyer's kitchen. Sell these with or without matching salad serving utensils to boost your sales.

    wooden coffee cart

    Image by ShpfrlessTreasures on Etsy

    Coffee Cabinet or Cart

    Wooden coffee cabinets can be very versatile and include drawers, shelves, or additional storage to suit the buyers' needs. Coffee carts are great for easy mobility around the kitchen and don't have to be as customized.

    Spice Rack

    Spice racks can be a quick product to mass-produce and sell. Finding a couple of simple patterns that can work for wall-mounted, countertop, or drawer inserts helps to make this a fast product to manufacture.


    One of the easiest woodworking projects to sell are items made out of reclaimed wood. You can find pieces of wood everywhere - even in your garage or backyard! Woodworkers have been making everything from wall hangings to potting benches with reclaimed wood, so it's never an issue finding materials to use.

    Anything modern farmhouse is a great seller as of late. So think whitewashed, shiplap, and rustic.

    kitchen table with wood top

    Image by TheAppelShop on Etsy

    Kitchen Table

    One of the more popular kitchen tables selling well right now is long farmhouse tables with benches. A beautifully stained wood top with painted legs is often a popular option in furniture stores and across Pinterest.

    Coffee Tables

    While not as big of a seller as kitchen tables, coffee and end tables can do reasonably well for themselves. When creating these pieces, woodworkers should consider the buyer's lifestyle and decor tastes when creating these pieces - often want coffee tables to match their end tables, console tables, or entertainment stands in the same room.

    storage ottoman

    Image by wtcollection on Etsy

    Storage Chest or Ottoman

    Storage chests or ottomans are a great addition to any living room, and they're a great way to use leftover wood pieces after other projects. With or without legs, these can be a fun build that'll sell quickly!


    Since many of us work from home now, desk sales have taken off. No one likes having to work on a multipurpose surface, like a dining room or kitchen table. Simplistic desktops beautifully stained with metal hairpin legs are big sellers on sites like Etsy. Luckily, these tend not to need to be as customized as a kitchen table so that you can produce these quickly.

    tilt out garbage receptacle

    Image by DutchCrafters on Etsy

    Tilt-Out Cabinet

    We have a great tilt-out cabinet for our garbage and recycling - it's a fabulous way to hide your trash easily. These cabinets are great for waste, recycling, laundry, pet food, and even food storage like potatoes and onions!

    nesting end tables

    Image by UrbanTruckArt on Etsy

    End Tables and Nightstands

    For a bit of a more complex build, you can venture into the realm of end tables and nightstands. Of course, the more complicated, the more you can charge for these items. Usually sold in pairs, nightstands can be as complex or simple as you like, with variations like drawers, chargers for phones, and multiple shelves.

    A popular take on end tables now is nesting versions. Whether it's two or more, these often vary in height so that they can easily nest together if need be.

    hall tree with bench and storage

    Image by GriffinFurniture on Etsy

    Entry Bench, Hall Tree or Shoe Cubby

    These are a great way to add a little extra storage to your home. Hall trees are popular with the modern farmhouse look and are great for providing a place to hang jackets and store shoes.

    live edge wood console table

    Image by ArtisanBornCreations on Etsy

    Console Tables and TV Stands

    Console tables can be a great woodworking project to sell because of their simplicity. They're often used in entryways and behind couches and can be customized with power outlets, metal hairpin legs, or live edge wood.

    Headboards and Bed Frames

    While this woodworking project isn't going to be something that can be easily created en masse, it can be a great money maker since it's a custom build. Buyers are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get the exact style, color, and look to fit their vision.

    sofa armrest table

    Image by EsserGifts on Etsy

    Sofa Armrest Table

    If you want a simple build that you can crush multiples of quickly, try out a sofa armrest table. Some are just three-sided boxes that fit over your armrest. Others can be small tables (think laptop size) on metal legs that slide straight up to the couch. These can be easily fancied up with slots to hold your phone, a cork round to set your glass on, and even pockets to hold remotes. Flexible versions make it even easier to fit any couch, no matter the arm width.

    Outdoor Items

    Outdoor woodworking projects are one of the easiest woodworking projects to sell. They are often quick and easy and can be produced all at once.

    Raised Garden Beds

    It seems like everyone and their brother opted to start a garden the past couple of years, thanks to COVID. Raised garden beds have been in short supply at the big box stores, so homemade versions are sure to sell like hotcakes. Be aware of the type of wood you use since buyers are most likely to use these for growing food.

    squirrel picnic table

    Image by ChapmanStudioCo on Etsy

    Squirrel Picnic Table

    This craze started a summer or two ago, and within our Facebook woodworking group, it was selling like crazy! They're so undeniably cute that I can understand why they sold so quickly. These miniature picnic tables are easy to produce quickly, and they're fun to watch in action.

    Outdoor Storage Box

    Depending on your preference, these can be built with or without lids and stored inside during the colder seasons. It's also great for storing gardening supplies or pool equipment. With all of that extra space inside, this will make an excellent toy box as well!

    hanging planter stand

    Image by theswankystar on Etsy

    Hanging Plant Stands

    Outdoor plant stands are often great sellers, but why not give it a unique spin by making it a hanging plant stand? These sell like hotcakes in my woodworking facebook groups for Mother's Day, as well as throughout the spring.

    Patio Tables, Chairs, and Benches

    Custom-built patio furniture is one of the easiest woodworking projects to sell. Woodworkers love building it because it's quick and easy, but many people are looking for items that fit their style these days. These can easily be customized with artistic elements or even just repainting them in fun colors!

    wooden potting bench

    Image by ShpfrlessTreasures on Etsy

    Potting Bench

    Potting benches are a great way to use up any reclaimed wood you have leftover from other projects. Woodworkers love them because they are quick and easy, but there are so many options for building them. Some can be used for potting plants, while others can hold soil mix containers with storage below the bench.

    Planter Boxes

    Planter boxes are one of the best woodworking projects to sell quickly. Woodworkers love them since they're quick and easy to build, but they also offer many options. They can be simple two board boxes with an attached lip for holding in the dirt, hooks to hand them from the railing, or you can add so many details that it turns into a work of art!

    various colored butterfly houses

    Image by DaisyWayDesigns on Etsy

    Butterfly House

    Like a birdhouse, these butterfly houses have several long slits in the front, rather than the traditional round hole for birds to enter. They work beautifully near milkweed or butterfly bushes and are very easy to make and customize.

    Birdhouses and Feeders

    Birdhouses and feeders are very quick and easy to build, making them one of the easiest wood projects to sell. Buyers are drawn in because you can customize them with so many options for colors or styles. They also make great handmade gifts!

    wood fishing rod racks

    Image by BigDaddyRodRacks on Etsy

    Fishing Rod Holder or Rack

    These are great items to sell if you have a router to make the slots for the fishing poles to sit in. While it generally consists of two pieces, fishing rod holders can be customized to be as straightforward or as complex as you'd like.

    Picnic Tables

    Don't forget the backyard when custom building furniture. Picnic tables are quick and easy, and buyers also love them for their kids or outdoor cooking. Plus, buyers are willing to spend a bit more on custom options. Wood types will affect the price, with cedar being one of the cheapest options due to its availability.

    tool caddy

    Image by WLMworkshop on Etsy

    Tool Caddy

    Tool caddies are another quick and easy woodworking project that many people want. They're simple to make, but everyone loves the extra storage space these provide! Perfect for organizing screwdrivers, paintbrushes, pliers, bits, and more.

    Holiday Decorations

    Holiday decorations probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about woodworking, but these make great options because it's easily customized, and any wood will do. Wood-burning tools are perfect for this and add a fun, artistic touch!

    reversible front porch signs

    Image by ItsAGrayLife on Etsy

    Front Porch Signs

    They're as easy as cleaning up some 1x8s, staining them, and customizing them with paint, routing, or a vinyl sticker. Sell them for more when you make it reversible and feature a different holiday message on the backside.

    Yard Decorations

    From Halloween ghosts to Santa in his sleigh, plywood yard graphics can be seen everywhere. While you want to avoid any copyright infringement (like Disney characters or the Grinch), your unique design and painting skill level can make these a fun bestseller.

    Christmas Ornaments

    Something as simple as wood rounds with customized wood-burning or painting are great sellers. Add a bit of buffalo check ribbon, and you're all set!

    standing wooden reindeer decor

    Image by SparetimeCreationsD on Etsy

    Other Holiday Decor

    Other holiday decors to think about doing can include:

    • Christmas villages
    • Holiday wooden signs
    • Wooden reindeer, snowmen, and snowflakes
    • Stocking holders
    • Seasonal candle holders
    • Table decor
    • Advent calendars

    Toys & Kids

    Some of the top woodworking projects that sell are toys. They're a big seller all year round and are found at your local craft show. They don't necessarily have to be complex or very customized either - think of simple toys such as these:

    wooden balancing toys

    Image by imooore on Etsy

    Toy Blocks

    Toy blocks can be as simple as basic blocks to wooden balancing toys that look like rocks or buildings. The possibilities are limitless, and this ranks as one of the easiest woodworking projects to sell. Finish with food-grade tung oil for a beautiful non-toxic look.

    Toy and Book Organizer for Kids

    Simple to make and an easy way to score some extra cash. Make it as simple as a caddy that they can carry, a wall-mounted version similar to a boxed shelf, or even a large shelving unit - the opportunities are endless.

    height charts make from wood and vinyl stickers

    Image by HeadwatersStudio on Etsy

    Height Chart

    Use vinyl stickers, stencils, or a router to create a beautiful height chart to be treasured for years to come. Easy to sell as it makes a great baby shower gift that's customizable!

    Teepee or Tent Frame

    I was thinking about building these for my kids - it's a simple A-frame with a base, a cloth covering, and was easily foldable. While I never got around to it, this can be a great project if you're also into sewing.

    name sign on wall in nursery

    Image by WhimsyTimber on Etsy

    Name Signs for Nursery

    Name signs are very popular right now, especially in various fonts. Even better, you can sell them unfinished to allow the buyer to customize them to their specifications. Even if you don't have a CNC machine, you can easily do this with a jigsaw.

    cornhole set

    Image from ShopCornhole on Etsy

    Cornhole Sets

    These are very popular every summer, and buyers will pay a reasonable price, especially if customized with their favorite sports team or family name. Add in customized bean bags, and you're all set to score some cash!

    Various Other Toys

    Again, the possibilities are endless - from cars to dolls, just about any toys can be crafted from scrap wood from the dumpster. Here are some additional toy ideas to try:

    • Baby gym
    • Toy cars and trucks
    • Dollhouses
    • Chess or checkerboards
    • Jacob's ladders
    • Carved animals
    • Treasure chest toy box

    Wedding Supplies

    It's no surprise that the wedding industry is a massive moneymaker for anyone, especially creators. Wedding decor and supplies are the perfect categories to stretch your creativity and woodworking skills to make unique and beautiful pieces.

    Jewelry box, organizer, or ring holder

    Jewelry boxes are a great gift for bridesmaids or as a wedding gift and can be made with various distinctive or exotic wood to give them an extra special allure. Add in organizers, compartments, or removable boxes for a more complex project that can earn more. Or, try lining them with velvet or adding a music box feature.

    wooden turned candleholders

    Image by MainEventUSA on Etsy


    Tea light candle holders make a beautiful focal point for centerpieces. Whether you turn them, use wood rounds, or create a more detailed boxed look, these are sure to be a quick and straightforward seller.

    wooden carved beer caddies

    Image by WallisFamilyCustoms on Etsy

    Beer Caddy

    Beer caddies can be a great way gift for groomsmen for weddings. Woodworkers have used everything from simple wood holders to complex laser-etched pieces with handles and openers.

    beautiful wooden and tungsten ring with opal inset

    Image by RingsByLux on Etsy


    While a lot of people don't usually think of wood jewelry for weddings, there are some gorgeous pieces that you can make. Use specialty wood and epoxy to create a beautiful piece for the couple or the bridal party that they'll never forget and always cherish.

    Learn more about affordable wedding ring alternatives on Etsy here.

    Household Items

    These are woodworking items to sell that are more than just decor - they not only look nice, but serve a function as well.

    wooden book holders

    Image by Highland Concepts on Etsy

    Book Holders

    Book holders are one of the best things - they're just so simple and make a beautiful addition to any home decor! Book holders solve a problem, are easy to make, and can use any wood. Plus, shipping is cheap since these are small and light.

    Wooden Bath Mats

    With homeowners leaning toward open shower concepts recently, teak wooden floor mats are becoming more popular. Woodworkers can offer a variety of items, from a simple square or rectangle that fits into the corner of a shower to a larger mat. Also, consider making these as a wooden doormat as well!

    charging station

    Image by SerdarWood on Etsy

    Phone Charging Station or Docking Station

    Buyers love anything that helps them organize their belongings, and it's a bonus if it can charge your electronics simultaneously! Use a router to personalize the station or keep it simplistic.

    Shoe Rack

    Shoe racks are be stacked or wall-mounted and left unfinished for the buyer to stain themselves. While a little bit more time-consuming, you're more likely to get through them quicker and make them worth your while if you have a method to create a batch of these at once.

    personalized wall mounted bottle opener

    Image by MyPersonalMemories on Etsy

    Wall Hanging Bottle Opener

    Bottle openers are one of the easiest woodworking projects to sell. Again, these can be super simple, such as a metal opener mounted on a piece of wood or adding magnets or a box at the bottom to catch the caps.

    wooden hexagon shelves

    Image by BarwoodShop on Etsy


    Floating shelves are prominent in the modern farmhouse look and are a quick and easy item to sell. You can keep them rustic, keep a live edge, or square them up for a more finished look. Use hardware or create a floating shelf look. Also popular are hexagon shelves arranged in various patterns.

    wooden bathtub caddy with handles

    Image by MountainWoodcraft1 on Etsy

    Bathtub Caddy

    Reading a book in the bath no longer is a hassle with a bathtub caddy or tray. Add slots and holders for phones, wine glasses, books, candles, and small towels. There is no need to use teak wood for these - any wood will work as long as the tray is sealed correctly.

    step stool with railings

    Image by MCWoodworkingCo on Etsy

    Step Stools

    Wooden step stools are a blessing any time you have kids helping in the kitchen. Keep them simple with one or two steps, or step it up (see what I did there?) by adding railings or handles.

    Wood Soap Holders

    There's nothing grosser than your soap turning to mush from sitting in a puddle of water. Wooden soap holders are great because they have holes and provide a way for water to drain. Plus, they add a lovely aesthetic to the bathroom and keep soap residue at bay.

    wall mounted coat rack

    Image by UptonRustics on Etsy

    Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

    For a simple and easy build, a wall-mounted coat rack can be a great idea. Add hooks and a shelf to make it versatile and a perfect addition to any entryway.

    grey wooden key shelf

    Image by IndustrialPineCo on Etsy

    Key Shelf

    Another easy woodworking project is a key shelf. Generally, these shelves have hooks for keys, but fancy it up with an area to hold mail, masks, and more that you need to grab when you walk out the door.

    Walking Sticks

    Whether you keep them more rustic or make them more polished, walking sticks can be an easy project that you can create quickly.

    carved bookends

    Image by MokuShop on Etsy


    The great thing about bookends is that they can look like anything - live wood, right angles, rainbows, and more. They don't even have to match each other! These are perfect for woodworkers to make if they're looking for a fun and creative outlet.

    x and o wall mounted toilet paper holder

    Image by HandAndHomes on Etsy

    Toilet Paper Stand

    As goofy as these can sometimes be, they're a lifesaver when you need one! A simple and fun project that can be as unique and fun as the woodworking making it.

    Pet Supplies

    Pet supplies might not be the first category to come to mind when finding woodworking projects to sell, but they can be a great revenue maker. Wooden pet supplies make the perfect gift, and it's a fun way to get into woodworking. They're easy and quick and take up little space in the house when you're not working on them.

    Dog Steps

    Tall beds and small dogs don't always mix, but the addition of dog steps makes it easier for them to curl up with you for a nap. Try varying the steps between one and three steps so that you'll please more customers.

    grey wood hexagonal cat shelves

    Image by RshPets on Etsy

    Cat Trees and Shelves

    The variety of cat trees and shelves are endless and can be a great creative project to create and sell. In this case, uniqueness means you can charge more.

    indoor wooden dog kennel

    Image by DaileyWoodworks on Etsy

    Dog Kennel

    These have become increasingly popular because they can be built to match existing furniture in the room to blend in. I've even seen these kennels made as end tables to match the coffee table in a living room.

    Dog Beds

    Wooden dog beds can be built in various sizes and fitted with fabric dog beds or even crib mattresses for larger dogs. They can be made with or without legs to add additional height and embellishment.

    three dog bowl stands of various heights

    Image by OriginalDogFurniture on Etsy

    Dog Bowl Stand

    These can be a fun and quick build and even personalized with pets' names. Also, several exciting and easy patterns are out there to vary the height easily, making it a more versatile offering.

    wooden cat or dog house

    Image by PETSACE on Etsy

    Cat or Dog Houses

    If you're looking to make something more whimsical and fun, building cat and dog houses will allow you to stretch your creative legs.

    Can I make Money Woodworking?

    Absolutely! If you're wondering if a woodworking business is profitable, it absolutely can be. What makes the most profitable woodworking business is the following factors:

    1. Niche down. Don't build everything under the sun - pick a category or a small handful of items and build those in bulk.
    2. Understanding what your clients want.
    3. Research projects to see where to sell and how to price them. A great place to start is woodworking facebook groups, Etsy, and local craft shows.
    4. Provide unique and high-quality products.
    5. Consider adding a customization for a higher price.

    Where to Sell Your Products

    Lastly, there are a ton of great opportunities as to where to sell your products. What sells well in one place might not sell as well in another, so decide what woodworking projects to sell before selecting a venue. Any of these would be the best place to consider selling your pieces:

    1. Etsy
    2. Facebook Marketplace
    3. Craigslist
    4. Flea Markets
    5. Craft shows / craft fairs
    6. Renaissance festivals
    7. Local market
    8. Instagram
    9. Amazon
    10. Your eCommerce website


    Now that you know the best woodworking projects to sell, why not check out my most recommended gifts for woodworkers? Or, check out one of these other side hustle ideas:

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