PayPal Refer a Friend: Earn a $10 Bonus

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    Referral fees are a great incentive to provide services you already use. Especially when they pay both you and the referee like the Paypal refer a friend program. This referral program is easy to use, involves very little work, and can score you up to $100 a year by referring up to ten friends.

    Let’s dive into how the Paypal refer a friend program works and how to get started earning those sweet referral fees.

    How can I get $10 from PayPal?

    While almost everyone is a PayPal customer, there are still some holdouts who haven’t tried it for online purchases (I’m looking at you, mom). PayPal is looking to expand their user base by offering a sweet incentive of $10 for a new user to sign up and make the first purchase. For those who have not jumped into using Paypal online payments, it’s an easy way score free money for your first time starting to use PayPal.

    When they use your unique referral link to sign up as a new customer and spends $5, you’ll both get $10 referral bonuses. Easy, right? 

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    How do I refer a friend on PayPal?

    1. Start by logging into Paypal. You can find your Paypal referral link in the PayPal app or by visiting:
    2. Grab your referral link. Here, you’ll see four ways to share your link to the Paypal referral program on social media platforms: you can copy it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, or send an email.
    3. Your friend signs up. Your friend will then sign up for a Paypal bank account with an email address and cell number. No debit card or credit card information needed!
    4. Your friend makes a transaction. Next, they’ll need to complete an eligible transaction, which can be done two different ways:
      1. An online Paypal checkout payment of at least $5.00
      2. A person-to-person payment of at least $5.00 using the “Send Money” feature. The online money transfer must be sent to someone that’s not you (the referrer).
    5. Each receive your $10! As long as the transaction is not canceled, refunded, or reversed by any of the parties in the transaction, you’ll each receive $10.

    How long does it take to get your $10 from PayPal?

    According to Paypal, the refer a friend $10 reward should post to your account within 24 hours but can take up to two weeks. If you have not received your referral fee after two weeks, reach out to PayPal’s customer service (more on that below).

    Are there any restrictions?

    Yes, there are several reward criteria to be aware of for the referral marketing program, including:

    • Both your and the referee’s account must be in good standing and each a valid account.
    • You can earn a maximum of 10 referral fees per calendar year, which is $100.
    • The referee’s $5.00 transaction must be valid. It cannot be canceled or reversed. It has to be at least $5.00, but it can be more.
    • You can only refer family members, personal friends, and acquaintances. Do not publicly post your refer-a-friend link. If Paypal catches you doing this, you will be disqualified from the program. For more on this, please see:
    • If two people refer the same referee, the person who sent the first referral will get the credit. 

    For more details on the terms and conditions, you can read more here:

    What do I do if I don’t receive the PayPal Refer a Friend reward?

    There are some complaints about the PayPal refer a friend not working. It’s likely that those referrals did not have a valid transaction from the referee’s new paypal account, or the referee never spent the $5.00 minimum after signing up. 

    Paypal help section

    If you do not receive your reward, or you think it’s been denied incorrectly, you can reach out to PayPal’s customer service here:

    Or, they have a community forum that can help you troubleshoot why you didn’t receive the referral fee.

    As a final resort, if you didn’t find specific enough answers, you can reach out to PayPal’s customer service directly.

    They offer ways to both message them as well as call them directly. You can do both here:

    Can I refer a friend for PayPal credit?

     I did some digging on this one and can’t find anything that mentions any referral options for PayPal credit or their financial services. The only referral rewards mentioned anywhere are just the invite a friend program with a general PayPal account.


    While paypal’s referral program caps at $100 a calendar year, it can be a quick and easy way to make some extra cash. Though most people already have PayPal accounts, there are still some holdouts that you can easily invite with the click of a couple of buttons.

    As long as you don’t publicly post your link (it’s not worth risking getting banned), this referral program is the best way to earn some extra spending cash for referring a new paypal user.

    Now that you know how PayPal works learn more about depositing checks on CashApp or how to create a CashApp card design.

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