Is Wheelzy the Right Way to Sell Your Car?

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    While researching the best ways to sell a car, and digging through all the of the companies in the car industry, I ran into a company called Wheelzy. It’s a relatively newer company since it’s only been around for a little over seven years. However, I figure I’d check it out with the claims on their website to see if it is the best way to sell your vehicle nationwide (in the United States) through their services.

    Getting rid of an old vehicle can often be a lot of work. If you sell it privately, you have to find buyers who will flake on you and deal with all of the title transfer paperwork. Wheelzy claims to make the selling process much more manageable by offering quotes online, handling all the paperwork (which means no DMV!) and scheduling a towing service, all within a couple of days.

    How does Wheelzy Work?

    Using Wheelzy is a pretty easy five-step process:

    1. Visit their website or call. Enter your information on the Wheelzy homepage or call their number to talk to a customer service representative. You’ll need to know your car’s year, make, model, mileage, and answer a few questions about its condition.
    2. Receive an offer within 30 minutes. If you submitted your request online, a customer service representative would call you directly at this point. You’ll need your VIN and answer any final questions. You’ll be given an offer on the vehicle, and you can choose to accept it or decline it. 
    3. Accept it – or not. If you choose to accept the offer, you’ll sign the title over to Wheelzy, so no having to deal with the DMV. They’ll schedule a third-party towing company to come and pick up the vehicle.
    4. The towing company arrives within a day. When the tow company comes, they’ll do a quick inspection and give you either cash or a check (you can request either with the service rep). 
    5. You pocket the cash. Celebrate crossing one more thing off your neverending to-do list as you watch the tow truck drive off with your old car. 

    It really doesn’t get much easier to get an instant offer! However, there are pros and cons, which I’ll cover further down.

    There is a second way to sell your car with Wheelzy. If you opt not to accept their direct offer, you can list your car for free with Wheelzy and receive bids on it from an online car buyer. With this process, you’ll still be able to get it towed, but it’s a trusted way to sell to a third party, but it can lengthen the amount of time to sell your car by just a bit. 

    car driving off into the sunset

    What types of vehicles do they accept?

    Using this service is an excellent option if you have a car that’s current condition isn’t perfect. In fact, they’ll take an older car, or a scrap car, including the following:

    • Totaled in an accident
    • Crashed, damaged, or wrecked
    • Water damage
    • Aren’t running or are missing parts
    • Used, old, or just plain junk cars

    Wheelzy does have a couple of restrictions. The car must be newer than 1981, and they won’t buy motorcycles, ATVs, campers, or RVs.

    What does Wheelzy do with cars?

    Often, Wheelzy will try to fix up the cars to resell them. However, if that’s not possible, they will use it for parts and sell the rest as scrap or recycle it. 

    Is Wheelzy a legitmate company?

    Wheelzy’s founder and CEO is Iyad Muhanna, and its offices are located in Orlando, Florida. What makes Wheelzy different than other car buying companies is that it offers on-demand payment and pickup through its website. This company’s approach is more high-tech than other car purchasing companies, which rely on a person to come out and inspect vehicles to give quotes or taking your car in to a dealership or center for inspection or trade-in.

    This company does appear to pride itself on superior customer service, so the feedback on it’s Facebook and Glassdoor profiles is really interesting to see. They have relatively happy team members from the looks of it, and it shows.

    So, is Wheelzy legit? I was wondering the same thing myself, so I did a bunch of digging into reviews. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I found.

    Wheelzy Reviews

    Well, there’s good and bad, just like with anything else. First, the good:

    • Trustpilot rating: 4.8 out of 5, based on 20,595 reviews
    • Facebook rating: 4.9 out of 5, based on 817 reviews
    • Google rating: 4.7 out of 5, based on 944 reviews

    While these are excellent ratings, I did dig through the complaints. The biggest complaints were with the 3rd party towing companies. Either they were late or didn’t show up. An occasional complaint was about the customer service, but those were few and far between. Most reviewers felt that Wheelzy has a great quality customer service department.

    On Trustpilot, Wheelzy has over 95% of reviews with a state of great or excellent. Less than 5% of reviews were average or below. That’s pretty impressive. 

    The one bad thing to mention is their BBB reviews. The Better Business Bureau gives them an F rating, and they have a 3.88 out of 5 stars. It turns out that their rating is penalized for the following reasons:

    • They’ve only had a profile with the BBB for two years.
    • They’ve had four complaints (out of 24 reviews), and they chose not to respond to them.

    Wheelzy has chosen to follow up on their reviews elsewhere and isn’t concerned about the feedback found at BBB business profiles. Again, the biggest complaint was about the 3rd party service of the towing companies that they use. 

    For the most part, the feedback is excellent, and there’s a lot of it!

    The Pros and Cons

    We all love a good pros and cons list, right? Here’s what I found after trying Wheelzy for myself:


    • You don’t have to take your car to the dealership or haggle with shady buyers or tire kickers
    • There’s minimal paperwork and no DMV (just provide the title to prove ownership of the car)
    • They buy cars nationwide
    • They pay cash or check, whichever you prefer
    • They pay for all towing expenses
    • They’re available seven days a week
    • You’ll get an offer within 30 minutes, and the car towed within a day or two
    • You’ll get paid instantly when the vehicle is picked up, which is great when you need money fast


    • You’ll never get anywhere near the price of your car listed in Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds
    • It’s a lower amount than if you chose to sell the car yourself.
    • If you’re not honest about the damage of cars (like missing parts), the tow truck driver can negotiate and push back on the offer price.
    • The third-party towing companies they use can be flaky or late.

    Is Wheelzy Legit?

    After seeing how Wheelzy works, I decided to give it a shot. The process was straightforward, and I liked that I wouldn’t have to take my car to another location or deal with transferring paperwork. I loved the idea of being able to sell my car with minimal effort and without having to waste a ton of time to follow through on different steps.

    My only complaint is that the amount of money they offered was a bit lower than I expected, so I opted not to follow through on the sale. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I was ok with choosing to sell my car through a private sale and decided to do so instead to get the most money possible.

    Overall, I would say that the Wheelzy service is legit, especially if you need to get rid of a car quickly and aren’t a stickler for getting the best deal possible. 

    Other Options to Sell Your Car

    Knowing that Wheelzy can be lower on the sale price, I suggest doing your homework. Check Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds for accurate pricing of your vehicle, and see if it’s worth the extra work to get top dollar. If so, consider one of these alternatives when looking for a reliable car buyer:

    Now that you know how Wheelzy works think you’ll give it a shot? Let me know if you opt to try it or a different route in the comments below! Or, try storing it with Neighbor.

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