The Best 30 Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

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I think we all know that it can be hard to find inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything. (Or, a gift at any price point when they already have everything, right?)

It's vital to make sure the gift is thoughtful, or it's just more clutter - and no one wants more junk to pick up. Obviously, the more personal it is, the better, like a gift that reminds her of a trip you've taken together or an inside joke you shared.

No pressure, right?

What to buy someone who has absolutely everything? If you're still struggling, I've got you covered! This inexpensive gift guide (think under $50) are perfect for a woman who wants nothing - but you still want to let her know how important she is.

And if it's for your mom - please, please don't go this route:

Seriously, momma doesn't need a robe, or an air fryer, or a water bottle (unless she asks for one). The best gifts you can give her include coffee/wine/chocolate/desserts, a break, and about 12 hours of sleep.

So whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, the holiday season, or a special occasion like her birthday, these are the best gift ideas for that special lady. And now, here are my favorite inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything:

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    The Best Inexpensive Gifts for the Girl who has Everything

    These gifts are a perfect thoughtful surprise for the special woman in your life - and they won't break your bank account. At an affordable price, these heartfelt gifts are both great quality and a good idea! Many of these are from Amazon and Etsy, so you'll be able to receive them quickly. With Etsy, you can often request to have your order customized, making it a good choice for unique and meaningful gifts. Whether it's a small present or one of several experience gifts, this budget gift guide will help you find the best inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything.

    1. Minimalist Earrings

    Jewelry can be tricky since everyone has their preferences. However, you can't go wrong with these beautiful minimalist earrings that are a perfect balance of unique and gorgeous. They are one of the perfect inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything (including all the fancy jewelry!).

    Image by GoldSpoonJewelry

    2. Druzy Stone Phone Grip

    This gorgeous druzy stone phone grip is edged in gold and looks much more expensive than it is—a perfectly unique and stunning gift that won't break the bank. An easy way to hold your phone while you're juggling a thousand other things, right?

    Image by LemonLavenderluxe

    3. Double Name Ring

    Whether it's her birthday or just because, this super cute name ring comes in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold. This beautiful ring is one of the best cheap gifts for your girlfriend, mom, or best friend! Plus, it's a one of the best unique gift ideas you can give.

    Image by CaitlynMinimalist

    4. Wine Slush Mix

    If you haven't had one of these wine slush mixes, you're missing out. While there are tons of great flavors, this one's a great option since it has organic dried blueberries, lavender, and edible glitter. Just add a bottle of wine, 3 cups of water, and freeze for a fabulous summer cocktail.

    Image by PikesPeakLemonadeCo

    5. Wireless Speaker in Rose Gold

    Perfect for the music lovers in your life, this rose gold waterproof Bluetooth speaker is great for parties, traveling, or just relaxing by the pool. With over 26,000+ reviews and a 4.7 star rating, this small speaker packs a powerful punch. It has a smart touch powered screen, a long playtime, and fast recharge.

    Gifts for Hard to Buy for Female Friends

    6. Personalized Luggage Tags

    Why not some personalized faux leather and gold foil luggage tags for the girl who has everything and loves to travel? It comes in different colors, and any can be personalized to easily find her luggage on the carousel at the airport.

    Image by ThreeTwo1

    7. Beach Wine Purse

    A beach tote with a hidden wine dispenser? This is the stuff dreams are made of! This insulated bag comes in a variety of colors, and the best part - it holds two bottles of wine. Perfect for the next beach trip or picnic when you want to enjoy a glass of wine, and sure to get rave reviews!

    Image by PortoVinoShop

    8. Wristlet Wallet Purse for Phone

    This wristlet is a perfect practical gift for when she doesn't want to drag her purse along on the next adventure. Just big enough to hold a smartphone, credit cards, and ID, this vegan leather clutch is stylish and comfortable to take on the go.

    Image by RavensMoonDesigns

    9. Host a wine tasting

    For those friends that are hard to shop for, it's better to focus on giving them an experience they can enjoy. Hosting a wine tasting for them can be fun - plus, you'll find out what their favorite wine is and you'll know exactly what to gift them later!

    Don't forget to make or pick up a charcuterie board to go with it, and and a couple more friends!

    10. Spa Gift Certificate

    For the woman who wants nothing, a visit to the spa could be the perfect gift. If they have a salon or spa that they frequent often, buying a gift card can be a nice way to help them treat themselves. Or, make it a group outing and go with to spend some quality time together.

    Small Gifts for Women

    11. BookBrews Book Subscription Box

    This BookBrews subscription box is perfect for your favorite book lover and comes with a book, coffee or tea, and chocolate. You get to chose between a 1, 3, or 6-month subscription. Plus, you'll get to pick the genre: fiction, non-fiction, classic, memoir, thriller/mystery, romance, fantasy/sci-fi, or business/self-help.

    Image by BookBrews

    12. Bad Girls Throughout History

    If she's a history buff, this book about 100 remarkable women who changed the world is sure to spark her interest. From the first computer programmer (Ada Lovelace) to the godmother of punk (Joan Jett), all of the women who shaped our lives today are here in gorgeous watercolor illustrations.

    13. Ladies Get Paid

    This fantastic book is perfect for anyone who ever wanted a career coach to help her excel. It provides the tools to navigate workplace situations, become a leader, and achieve the success you want. Written by Claire Wasserman, a career coach and founder of the startup Ladies Get Paid. This empowering guide will provide the tools to strategically navigate the workplace, achieve success, and become a true leader.

    14. In the Company of Women

    This beautifully illustrated book provides inspiration and advice from makers, artists, and entrepreneurs. One hundred amazing women talk about how they overcame adversity and channeled their creativity into their art. These fascinating interviews include everyone from tattoo artists to hoteliers.

    Inexpensive Gifts for the Fitness Lover

    15. Lotus Design Cut Back Yoga Tank Top

    This gorgeous tank is perfect for her next hot yoga session. With a beautiful golden lotus on the front and a cut-up, woven pattern on the back, this tank is comfortable and stretchy. Its woven cut up style down the back makes it light and breathable. Hugging close to your body, it is form fitting yet not constricting. The fabric is a soft, stretchy blend of Lycra and Cotton. Comes in pink rose or jade.

    Image by BuddhiGear

    16. Chakras Yoga Tank Top

    Maybe she likes something a little more subdued. This chakras yoga tank is made from organic cotton and features a minimalist design down the back. High quality, durable, and moves and stretches with you throughout your workout on the yoga mat. These yoga tanks for women are your key to comfort and style all in one. They move and stretch with you through all your yoga poses.

    Image by Treelance

    17. Funny Apron

    For some tongue in cheek humor, this apron takes the cake! (See what I did there?) Offered in various colors, this apron has two pockets and is full length to keep that simmering sauce off your Sunday best. Perfect for special women that aspire to be a home chef and loves humor!

    Image by TheApronPeople

    18. Bamboo Cutting Board

    Ok, this one's just too funny not to include. It's a 9" by 13" bamboo cutting board with a built in handle, and a unique tribute perfect for any Lionel Richie fan. It's not only functional, it's hilarious. And yes, Mr. Richie, we'd gladly cook for you!

    Image by YourLegacyGifts

    19. Personalized Cutting Board

    For a more sentimental take on a Mother's Day gift, this bamboo cheese board can be laser engraved with her favorite recipe—a beautiful way to cherish and remember a family member with a thoughtful gift. Select whether you want it engraved on one side or both, and choose your shape: rectange, heart, or paddle. If choosing double sided, you can have a different design on each side.

    Image by UniqueAnomaly

    20. Teas of the World Gift Set

    Sure, we've all tried Earl Grey or some English Breakfast tea. But what about Taiwan Holiday (Black Tea), Assam Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea), Indonesia Almond (Roasted Oolong Tea), or Columbia Cacao (Flavored Black Tea)? This sampler from around the world is an excellent way for tea lovers to try new and exciting flavors.

    Image by CallistoTeaHouse

    21. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

    Once your coffee has cooled to room temp, it can be a bit tough to swallow. And with how much stuff we're juggling, this happens more often than not. Which is why this temperature-controlled coffee mug is the perfect useful gift for the busy woman in your life. It's an easy to use, stainless steel tumbler with a removable inner liner, making it easier to wash. And, it can keep drinks hot - or cold - with the touch of a button.

    Good Small Gifts for the Gardener

    22. 7 Pack of Succulents

    For the gardener in your life, this seven-pack of two-inch succulents is the ideal gift for container gardening, terrariums, or fun DIY projects. These are one of the perfect inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything! These various 2" mini rosette succulents are perfect for home decor, DIY projects, terrarium making, container gardening, wedding favors and fairy gardening.

    Image by TheNextGardenerInc

    23. Snapdragon Garden in a Bag

    This self-contained flower garden is perfect for the gardener that doesn't have much space. These rose pink mini-snapdragons come in an eco-friendly bag, and can be tucked in just the right place. Just open, following the directions for watering, and soon you'll have a gorgeous bloom! Perfect as Christmas gifts, or for Mother's Day to brighten any room on a tight budget.

    Image by PottingShedCreations

    Unique Gifts for Someone who has Everything

    24. Custom Portrait

    We all have some pictures we've posted on social media that we love. Why not raise her heart rate with a gorgeous custom portrait she'll love? You can add personalized text or keep it simple, and you can order a variety of product options. This is one of my favorite birthday gifts, and this portrait will be a fabulous addition to any home! This truly is one of the most fun and unique inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything!

    Image by SimpsToons

    25. Wine Barrel Stave Signs

    This fun home decor is great for any wine lover. Laser engraved with a saying of your choice, this unique idea and handcrafted sign is created from recycled Napa Valley Wine Barrels and making it one of my favorite inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything. You can hang them on a wall by screwing in the holes then use the plugs provided or they look great sitting on a table or window sill. All signs have been carefully treated with polyurethane to protect them. Size can vary 17-18" long by 3-5" wide.

    Image by WineyGuys

    Looking for other great farmhouse decor ideas? Check out Where to Find Farmhouse Decor for Cheap.

    26. Secret Pocket Infinity Scarf Blanket

    Let's face it - we all know a lady who's always cold. Whether it's at the office or eating ice cream, they're always bundled up and shivering. Imagine my surprise when I saw an infinity scarf - that doubles for a blanket! It comes in eleven colors and five sizes, making it the perfect birthday gift idea at the ideal price.

    Image by 4theloveofoils

    The Best Cheap Gifts for Moms

    Let's face it - mom deserves some serious luxury gifts, but sometimes we have to settle. While she is the woman who has everything (she's got you, right?), it's still important to find something unique to show her how much you care with these great gift ideas.

    27. Tired as a Mother Mini Spa Gift Set

    Know a tired momma who's struggling to pour from an empty cup? One of these super cute organic bath bomb gift sets should help. Send her serenity in a box containing a soy candle, a charming box of matches, a soap bar, bath bombs, and natural lip balm. Choose from one of fourteen essential oils scents to help her relax and get some zzz's with these fabulous beauty products.

    Image by PeaceOrganics

    28. Soft PJs

    We're all stuck at home, and we're all sporting our beat-up yoga pants and holey t-shirts. Why not send her these beautiful, soft pajamas to binge Netflix in? These handmade, two piece pajama sets are made from 100% viscose (which is similar to cotton), making them breathable and stretchy for those perfect days at home.

    Image by Charmentt

    29. Hand Cream Set

    This 10 pack of moisturizing hand cream is the perfect $10 last-minute gift for her. Each travel size cream is a different scent, including honey, cherry blossom, gardenia, berry, avocado, shea butter, rose, moringa, green tea, and milk. Featuring fresh-cut fragrances of botanicals , shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe. This rich, deeply hydrating and moisturizing hand cream leaves hands silky-soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

    Thoughtful Gifts for the Woman that Wants Nothing

    30. Spa Gift Box

    Looking for a great way to treat yo' self (or her)? This spa gift box is the answer! This box's gifts can easily fit in a toiletry bag or makeup bag and include:

    • A 9-ounce soy candle (scent of your choice)
    • Body butter
    • Bar of soap
    • Lip balm
    • Travel size perfume
    • Handmade caramels
    • A cute box of matches
    • A personalized message

    Additional add-ons include a small wood sign, bath sales, tumbler, or room spray.

    Image by PeaceOrganics

    Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Someone who has Everything

    These are always the toughest - but with a little out of the box thinking, you'll find something they'll love:

    31. A Night Out

    Give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant and a coupon for free babysitting on the evening of her choice. Not having any local family around makes this one of the luxury gifts for the woman who has everything. Having a sitter that you trust and know is priceless!

    32. Chocolates or Pasteries from the local bakery

    We've had some amazing bakeries and chocolatiers popping up around us. After seeing all of the beautiful cupcakes, pasteries, and other treats available, I'd love to visit each one. Since I don't have the time or extra cash to hit those places, receiving a half dozen cupcakes or a box of chocolates would be an amazing last-minute gift idea.

    Additional Questions

    How do you choose the right gift for the woman who has everything?

    The most important factor in choosing the perfect inexpensive gift for the woman who has everything is to consider her interests. If she loves gardening, but luggage tags aren't going to work - but a new bunch of exotic tulip bulbs will. Always consider the person you're buying for, and what they geniunely like and appreciate.

    Think about their hobbies, favorite colors, experiences, and plans for the future. All of these (and more!) will give you hints on the perfect gift for the woman in your life.

    What are some of the worst inexpensive gift ideas?

    The worst gift ideas are items that appear really cheap, and aren't something the gift receipent wants. If you buy according to what you think they should get - and not what they want - you'll both be disappointed.

    What are some of the most memorable gifts for the woman who has everything?

    Any gift that can be personalized is often very memorable. A custom piece of art, a homemade blanket in their favorite colors, or a copy of their grandma's recipe sewn on a hand towel can all be very special and memorable gifts. They don't have to be expensive or over the top to become a favorite cherished item.

    So there you have it - these are the best inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything - any of them are a great idea for a Mother's Day gift, a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift for any price range. And remember - if you still can't find a special gift while gift shopping, grab a gift card (just not one for a lame store, otherwise, they might return it!)!

    Looking for other ideas? Check out these cheap birthday ideas so that you're not planning last minute, or affordable alternative wedding ring ideas.

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