19 Fun Piggy Banks for Adults to Help You Save

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While piggy banks for adults might not be the first thing that comes to mind when gift shopping for a loved one, they can be a great gift idea on the right special occasion. If you have someone that would love a whimsical way to save up for their big goals, one of these piggy banks can be the perfect gift!

There are many great occasions to gift piggy banks for adults, from birthdays to housewarmings to planning family vacations. Now that you have some great ideas on when to give these banks, let's look at the most fun and unique piggy banks for adults.

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    Unique Piggy Banks for Adults

    1. Harry Potter Coin Bank Book

    We're kicking this off with a fun one - this is one of the best piggy banks for adults on Amazon that I saw (and not just because I'm a Harry Potter fan...). This metal book bank is perfect for hiding in a bookshelf and saving your coins to purchase all the chocolate frogs you want. If you can't make it to Gringott's, this is an excellent runner-up option.

    Image from VarietyHomeDecors on Etsy

    2. French Bulldog Coin Bank

    This beauty isn't just for saving change - this ornamental resin coin bank that looks like a piece of art. A perfect gift for the dog lover in your life, this small bank comes in pink, blue, textured blue, golden, white, or black.

    3. Wedding Fund Shadow Box Bank

    This custom piggy bank for adults is a great engagement gift for your favorite couple. This modern and clean wedding fund bank can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf. With a plexiglass pane and UV ink that'll last a lifetime, this bank will excite any newly engaged couple looking forward to their big day.

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    Image from UrbanForestWood on Etsy

    4. Cat Stealing Money Bank

    Some might say this one's for kids, but I beg to differ. Who can resist this adorable kitten that not only steals your money but says "hello" and "thank you" while doing it? The interactive aspect of this electronic piggy bank makes it a fun way to look forward to giving up your dollar coins. This cute piggy bank comes in various kitten colors and fruits on the box - including a panda version in a bamboo box. While it's small, it can hold a lot of coins - up to 30 - 40 US coins.

    5. Large Ceramic Piggy Bank

    If you're looking for a jumbo piggy bank for adults, this traditional ceramic one will fit the bill (get it?). While it's a throwback to the old-school versions of piggy banks, this updated large piggy bank has a modern, clean look with a wooden snout.

    This not so little pig comes in various colors, including turquoise, white, black, or yellow, and can be matte or glossy. Insert the money through the coin slot on the top, and open it up by removing the wooden snout. Plus, you can add a personalized message on the backside of the snout.

    Image from PIGZstore on Etsy
    Image from ALLSALESAREVINYL on Etsy

    6. Personalized Family Name Money Jar with Compass

    This one-gallon glass jug is one of the largest piggy banks you can find anywhere. I love that the vinyl is customizable for any style and message. This fund jar is great for saving for a vacation and can be a fun way to get the entire family involved in adding to the pot.

    7. Rainbow Unicorn Balloon Money Bank

    If modern art is more your style, this rainbow balloon bank will liven up any room! Whether you decorate your cubicle at the office or spruce up the guest room at home, everyone will love this decorative coin bank. Remember, unicorns and rainbows aren't just for kids, and neither is this piggy bank!

    Image from MadeByHumanDesigns on Etsy

    8. Adventure Fund Suitcase Bank

    I couldn't pass this one up - it's just so much fun and such a unique piggy bank. This wood and plexiglass bank has removable straps to give a realistic look and feel. At 8.5"x6", it's big enough to add flair to your decor without being oversized and bulky. So much better than just saving change in ugly plastic bottles!

    9. The Office Michael Scott Mason Jar Bank

    If you're looking for a more homemade piggy bank for adults, this mason jar design is perfect. As a fan of The Office, this hilarious quote from Michael Scott is the perfect take on a fun bank. Let's just hope they don't make one with Toby's face on it anytime soon....

    Image by RainnCreates on Etsy
    Image by NiceThingsShop on Etsy

    10. World Map Wooden Money Bank

    This elegant wooden coin bank is not only a great place for spare change but also a beautiful statement piece for any household. Choose from 6 different stain colors and three decal colors to personalize this beautiful piece to match your decor.

    11. Starbucks Themed Bank

    Let's face it - we all have at least one person in our lives that needs coffee to function (it's me if you didn't know). This fun-themed piggy bank for adults is the perfect spot to store all their change from past coffee runs...for future coffee runs. Laser-etched acrylic with fiberboard, this piece is an excellent gift for any coffee lover.

    Image by KitTooCreations on Etsy
    Image from Davinatava on Etsy

    12. Big Goals Piggy Bank

    This is the best piggy bank as a gift for a high school or college graduate - it's so much better than just handing them gift cards. If you're looking to gift them money and find a creative way to do it, this bank is the perfect gift to get them started on their journey.

    13. Custom Travel Piggy Bank

    This piggy bank is another attractive option for the traveler in your life. This wooden bank has a fun map background, and the personalized engraving can have up to 10 words. Included with the bank is a free card with a handwritten personalized message.

    Image from CapazQueVuelvo on Etsy
    Image from StegallsPottery on Etsy

    13. Stoneware Bank Jar

    My mom has a couple of these that she picked up at renaissance fairs - so they hold fond memories for me. These cute blue and white glazed fund jars are unique and wheel-thrown one at a time. Request a special saying or order one of the 70 in stock to make it a fun and customized gift.

    14. Handmade Wood Design Bank

    You won't find this piggy bank at Target! This beautiful, unique wooden bank is not just for looks - it's functional as well. Artistic addition to any home, this 7"x7" bank will please any home decor fanatic.

    Image by NiceThingsShop on Etsy
    Image by TheHandymansWife on Etsy

    15. Mason Jar Coin Bank

    This mason jar coin bank will be the perfect piggy bank if you know a farmhouse decor lover. This 10-inch bank comes in a variety of shiplap and burlap backgrounds to match any room.

    16. Skull Piggy Bank

    Looking for a bank that's a bit edgier? This handmade alabaster bank comes in bronze or black and is a realistic anatomical model of a real skull. Perfect for the person who celebrates Halloween all year round!

    Image by NorthernBearShop on Etsy
    Image by SunshineNBourbon on Etsy

    17. 3D Printed Video Game Bank

    Mariooooo! It's-a me, Luigi! If you love video games and old-school nostalgia, this colorful bank is for you. Available in over 18 colors for both the base and the accents to personalize this to match your living space. The magnetic lid makes it easy to cash out your change for pizza during your next gaming night.

    18. Disney Fund Bank

    Saving up for a Disney trip is no joke - and this bank will come in handy as an adorable reminder to keep you on track. With various cute printed backgrounds and colors, these banks come with either glittery or matte frames. Choose from your favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse, The Little Mermaid, and Donald Duck.

    Image by AVeriGoodShop on Etsy
    Image by TimuFinds on Etsy

    19. Bamboo Carved Piggy Bank

    This beautiful handmade bamboo bank comes in a variety of heights, from 13 to 20 cm tall. Complete with a gorgeous red knotted thread, coin, and elegant carving of lotus flowers on the front. A refreshing and different take on a piggy bank.

    Can Adults use Piggy Banks?

    Absolutely! An adult piggy bank can be a great way to motivate yourself (or someone else) to save up for that big trip, car downpayment, or new tattoo you've been dreaming of. Why use a boring old bank account to save your cash when using cool piggy banks that can make you feel like a kid again?

    Do People Still Use Piggy Banks?

    Yes! The number of piggy banks available on Etsy, Amazon, and a million other online stores is impressive - but that also means there are tons of great fun options to choose from. Not everyone uses credit or debit cards (like one with Cash App), and for those who use cash (or cash envelopes), this can be a great way to collect all those spare quarters.

    When Would You Gift Piggy Banks?

    Piggy banks can be a fun and unique way to help a young adult (or regular adult) save up for their financial goals. Some ideas can include:

    • A housewarming gift for a young couple, so they can save up for repairs or decor
    • A parent-to-be, so they can start a savings fund for their baby
    • A recent high school graduate who wants to start a college fund (or save for rainy days)
    • A jet-setter who's planning their next worldwide excursion
    • A family saving up for a vacation or get rid of their mortgage
    • A friend who loves interior design and needs a modern piggy bank to store their loose change
    • A family member saving up for Black Friday or Christmas gifts

    Now that you know where to find piggy banks for adults, which do you think is best? Let me know in the comments below!

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